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  • Before I started making games in Construct 2, I used a program called Alice 2.2 to make games. In that program, I created a series of shooter games called the Sky Warrior series.

    Sky Warrior consists entirely of boss fights with strange enemies (most of them inspired by Gunstar Heroes), including Revolver Force, a giant revolver, and Urchin Force, a spinning robot with blades.

    Ever since I got my license for Construct 2, I wanted to make a larger Sky Warrior game, and now I can! This is Sky Warrior C!

    <img src="" border="0">

    So far, the game is not finished, but I wanted to share what I had created so far with the community.


    Arrows Keys ======== Move

    Control ============ Shoot

    Space ============== Speed Change

    D ================== The Amazing Debug Menu

    1-9 ================ Makes enemies do different attacks

    Try Sky Warrior C Here!!

    (The game uses WebGL effects heavily. Please use Google Chrome(recommended) or Firefox)

    Tell me how it runs on your computers and what you think of it so far.

  • I love how odd the game's graphics is.

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  • I am now adding a system that would allow the player to choose from 10 different weapons by combining 4 different "weapon elements".

    I haven't created the "crafting system" that would produce these yet, but I have created the weapons. You can access them from the debug menu by pressing "D" and clicking "Player Options".

    All of the weapons are available from the start.

    These slides will explain how this all works!

    Try out the new weapons here!


    Sky Warrior has always had a weird style to it! :D

  • As I have been working on Sky Warrior C, I've noticed a lot of redundant code that's been getting in the way. I couldn't take it anymore, so I completely gave up on the game.

    Then, immediately after that, I created a new version from scratch. It's pretty much identical to the previous version, but now there are some new systems that control bullets and enemies that actually make sense (to me) now! Personally, I'm calling "Sky Warrior C2"!

    Though this new version basically improves the behind-the-scenes stuff, there are some new additions like a couple modified weapons, improved scrolling for the background, a modified mighty debug menu, and a new skin for the player (which might be used for a second player...).

    <img src="" border="0" />

    More updates coming soon!

  • <font size="5">Touch Control Experiments</font>

    I saw shooters like Dariusburst on the iPad, and I was inspired to find out if Sky Warrior C could work using touch controls!

    I have created two versions of Sky Warrior C. One with onscreen controls and another with "relative" touch controls.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <font size="3">On-screen Controls</font>

    Use the "joystick" on the bottom right to move your ship.

    Hold the button on the right to fire.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <font size="3">Relative Touch Controls</font>

    Use the touch screen to move your ship.

    Press the Fire button to activate or deactivate auto-fire.

    I would like test to these myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a tablet or smartphone, so I can't do it.

    If you would like to test them, go to those links using a touchscreen device like a tablet or smartphone.

    -Did the game run well on your touchscreen device?

    -Did the controls work well? Are they intuitive and precise?

    Tell me what you think!


    I was able to test this on a couple of smartphones at my school. The relative touch controls are much more precise and intuitive in my opinion.

    As for the game performance, it runs surprisingly well on the iPhone 4S. It didn't run so well on some of the Android phones I encountered though. I assume the problem is caused by the slower browsers those phones used.

    Update 2:

    I thought the iPhone 4S tests went so well, I made a slightly modified version of relative touch control test specifically for the iPhone 4S.

    <font size="3">Modified Relative Touch Control Test (iPhone 4S)</font>


    -Press the big red box in the center to change weapons.

    -Player speed set to maximum speed

    -Increased size of Fire Button

  • I am in need of some assistance creating a joystick like control for mobile devices.

    Do you think you could help out?

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