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  • Ski Mayhem (beta)

    Ski Mayhem is an action survival game with randomly generated terrain and events making each and every game played a different experience.

    The game challenges the player's reaction time and reflexes in order to survive as long as possible while scoring points and achievements.

    The player controls a skier who is escaping from an avalanche by skiing downhill while avoiding obstacles.

    The skier's speed increases continously over time resulting in increased challenged the longer you survive.

    Player Movement key:

    [ W ] - Slowdown

    [ S ] - Dash Forward

    [ A ] - Turn Left

    [ D ] - Turn Right

    There is currently 2 game modes:

    Normal Game Mode

    Press [ B ] at Game Menu

    • Escape the avalanche by reaching the helicopter at the foothill

    Survival Game Mode

    Press [ R ] at Game Menu

    • Neverending Survival Challenge with the objective of getting as much points as possible

    There are currently 4 Achievements which players can obtain:

    Speed Demon! - Achieve 251km/h

    2 Million! - Obtain 2 million points

    Immortal - Collect 10 lives

    Get to da choppa - Survive and complete Normal Game Menu

    Player can collect powerups that appear randomly within the game to get point bonus and special effect depending on the powerup.

    Rainbow Ice Cream

    • Gives point bonus upon collect and increases point game per second.
    • Gives the skier brain-freeze and slows down time for a short duration.

    Flask of Yeti Sweat       

    • Gives point bonus upon collect and increases point gained per second.
    • Adds 1 life to the player.
    • Permanently increases player speed by a random amount.

    In development pipeline:

    Addition of a looping music for the game and menu

    Option to turn on/off sound or music

    Highscore Board

    More achievements

    More random events

    More Powerups

    Known Issues/bugs:

    Rarely happens, the game gets stuck in an unplayable loop after restarting a new game (solution: refresh browswer)

    Player death sound effects automatically played when the game loads (randomly happens, does not affect gameplay)

    Link to game:

    Thank you all for taking your time to try out our game and do drop any comments/feedback/bugs you have about the game here or at

  • Update (3 August 2012)

    New Version uploaded that fixes the sound loop caused by Giant Snow Ball event.

  • Update (5 August 2012)

    Finally, got the fully scaled 800x600 version uploaded.

    Difficulty of the game should be much more acceptable now, enjoy :)

    Do let me know if it the difficulty needs more tweaking.

  • Update (7 August 2012)

    Rare bug of being stuck in a permanent game loop after dying (game not switching to "Game Over" screen followed by Menu screen).

    Bug was caused by Player Life dropping to -1 or lower (the game is set to end at 0) which on rare occasion happens when the Player is hit by 2 objects at the same time or in a very short interval.

    This bug has been fixed in the latest version.

    Have fun skiing :)

  • I like the idea, and the "snow cloud" what is maybe a particle system.

    You may consider to use the standard Up/Down/Left/Right controls, and use a men�-like playing mode selection with arrows+Enter to start.

    The txt is small in the arcade, very hard to read.

    You may tune it with some jumping.

    Local and in the future centralised score system is a must have for this game (try, it rocks)!

    I see that you use the free version of C2, so you are limited this time, but its a promising game, buy the license and polish up the game! :)

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  • Thanks for the comments :)

    Ya, snow is particle which took me quite a bit of adjusting to get it looking real.

    The cloud/fog is a opacity adjusted sprite haha... badly drawn too, but I will polish it in due time.

    You guessed it right, free version limits me with 100 events and the game can only go so far currently.

    Ya, plan to buy it over the weekend to polish the game and add those things you mentioned in along with other stuff I have planned.

    The small and hard to read text is due to overall game scaling which I use to fit my original 1024x768 game into Scirra's requirement of 800x600. Will remake a proper 800x600 Menu in a bit.

    Still considering adding in Jump as it might end up being compared to SkiFree haha...

    Had no idea about, gonna check it out, thanks!

  • I don't like how I got 206600 score for playing for about 10 seconds, haha! Seems like an inflated economy of scores there.

    Why not cut out 2 or 3 zeros from there and just give me 206 or 2066 :/

  • Haha, zeros in the score/points system is just me trolling around.

    Makes it look like the player achieved a lot in a short time no?

    Anyway, thanks for the comment :)

  • I have some people telling me they get lag when playing Ski Mayhem.

    Anyone else gets lag?

  • Update (16 August 2012)

    version 1.14

    • Slightly quicker loading
    • Various tweaks and fixes
    • Overall smoother game play
    • Overall difficulty adjusted (scales more evenly as player progresses)

    Thank you and happy Skiing!

  • This is actually one of the funner games I've tried.

    One question - why doesn't the snow background scroll? It looks like the player and all the objects are just sort of floating in space.

  • Hi, thanks for trying out the game and glad you liked it.

    It is meant to be static and objects move instead to simulate player moving down a hill.

    Was my first game, so I was testing loads of stuff and this was the solution I had at that time :D

    Happy skiing & thanks for the feedback!

  • Not too bad Hydar. I liked it. Some of the effects are cool.

  • Thanks mate & glad you liked it.

    I will be doing a large content update and balance for Ski Mayhem once I finish up my other 2 games in the making.

  • Ski Mayhem Mobile* is currently being reworked for release on Mobile platforms such as Android and IOS.

    Stay updated by checking out our Facebook Page.

    Thanks :)

    *Will create a new post with all the updates on release.

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