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    Ludum Dare entry

    A super villain is trying to take over the world and a sidekick is the only one who can get in his way. But you are trapped in your lair and your nemesis is throwing fireballs at you. The worst part is that you only get one shield to deflect his attacks while you try to save the day. Being a hero(or a sidekick) is never easy.


    Player 1- Arrow keys to move, jump and use tools.

    Player 2- WASD to move, jump and use tools.

    Misc- Z to zoom in/out, ESC to pause and P to advance text.



    -Single Player mode

    -Coop mode(which is fun even with just one player, try moving two characters at the same time)

    -VS (not available right now, we'll add it in a future version)

    -We set up a few difficulty modes but you may change everything as you wish(settings menu) and create crazy rules

    To be fixed:

    -Music (Due to tech issues just one song was added, the game will feature more tracks in a future version)

    -Climbing animations -Minor bugs

    -During the tutorial, when the computer tells you to press "return" it means the down key


    -Linux and OSX versions will be uploaded as soon as possible

    -We recommend using the desktop version instead of the web version

    Hope you like it!

    CODE & DESIGN: Ludipe

    ART: aquilicoco


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  • I had fun!

    Tell aquilicoco I loved the art!

    And expertly coded, thank you so much for the CAPX!

  • Thank you Christina.

    I make games in construct 2 too.

    But in this game I have only made the art :D

    A new image of the game: the ship + the title:

    <img src="" border="0" />

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