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  • Ever wanted to generate more people to download your application on play store?

    Post your app with links to play store!

    The reason is I want to play the game(s) is to test my hardware capability on my XOOM,Galaxy 7,nexus 7 and my Motorola defy xt.

    If possible do state your game's screen resolution and whether its on full screen mode or not.


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  • hello,

    I got some c2 games exported to play store, here are links to two of them that you can test, they can be hoggy:

    I noticed that since galaxy S+ phones the android performance seems to be quite good, I tested lately a game that on my nexus one runs at around 10 fps, on S+ I was surprised it was running at around 25fps which is more I could wish for actually.

    Would be grat to hear from you about your performance tests. If you could include "@ranma" in your replies as I don't think there's a "watch topic" option here :( and including ranma will send me a notification about your answers.

    If you'd like, I can test your games on a nexus one device which is quite slow, so it can give you an insight how an app will run on slower devices :)


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