Shoot! Don't Shoot! [Android]

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A shoot template with ragdoll effect and enemy see you.
  • First Construct 2 and Android game is now up on the Play Store.

    Very happy with Construct 2, it is much more powerful than I expected when I downloaded it a couple of months ago.

    The game was inspired by an old arcade game "Bank Panic" which I played way to much as a teenager. The design ended up going in a different direction, but it still comes down to having to make quick decisions under pressure. Shooting evil Robots and not shooting the soldiers.

    Really could have worked on this forever, but sometimes you just need to finish things!

    I also don't have the time these days to design graphics so I purchased the sprite packs from CartoonSmart. It did cost a couple of dollars but I think it was worth it to get a much more professional look. I was finding the free sprites available on the web (and my own design) limiting.

    Please let me know what you think.

  • Simple but nice game. It like it. In couple of tries i made max level 5. Do you have extra live in each fifth level or else?

  • really great

    i like your art graphic

    how you made i t?

    you should publish your game in appstore

  • Really polished game. Love the graphics. Simple, yet fun

  • Thanks for the comments all.

    I would like to try publishing on the apple store. Might give that a go before to long. (Just to say I have!)

    I'd also like to take credit for the graphics, but I think this really is a good example of spending some money to get exactly what you want.

    Not taking away from self created stuff (or some excellent free stuff), but for me buying something that was complete and exactly the look I was after was worthwhile.

    onur, The game saves when you reach level 8, 18 and 30... I've not gotten anywhere near 30 myself!

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  • Nice and fun game.

  • Very nice game!

  • I've just added this to Amazons App Store as well. I was expecting a painful process but ended up finding Amazon easy to deal with.

    I also updated my my store icon to maintain a bit more consistency.

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