Shoggoth Run (one of the Newgrounds halloween winners)

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  • Hi

    Shoggoth Run is runner based on the Works of H.P. Lovecraft.

    This game is one of the winners of "Halloween Spooktacular 2017" on NEWGROUNDS in the category : best html5 game that Works on mobile"

    Winners list:


    This is my first game ever and i'm planning to continue developing based on feedback and suggestions from players.

    Thanks and hope you enjoy it.

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  • Love this

    Striking sound, too, contributes a lot!

  • I typically don't like runner games, but I enjoyed this.

    You did a great job of displaying tips and tricks, at the beginning, and along the way, like after you die.

    I found it pleasantly difficult. I got the impression that I had to let the beast get closer to me, in order for the dynamite drop to actually hit/kill it, which increased the difficultly.

    I found the tips to be vital. One tip - after I died - said to drop two dynamites on a tongue. There's no way I would've known this without the tip, so your usage of seamlessly integrating tips into the game was great.

    The atmosphere speaks for itself - it all works together in unison, down to the flashlight.

  • Thank you guys. I'll keep the good work.

  • Hi Siva2D,

    I enjoyed playing your game (Shoggoth Run). I liked the darkness aspect of it and the light/shadows. I thought the monster is going to just run straight but then he tried to hit me with his tongue which was cool.

    If this is your first game that's really an amazing performance for a first game.

    I have 1 question and 1 comment for you:

    1) Would you be interested / would it be OK to publish your game on my DolyGames gaming portal?

    2) I'd be happy to check and publish any future game you make on my portal.

    1 point of feedback:

    I'd prefer to have a choice of controls. Some players enjoy WASD for example, but it's also quite easy to allow Arrow Keys. I played with 1 hand, but I'd prefer to play with 2 (1 to move 1 to shoot).

    Best of luck,


    (can reply to me via this forum or my email is cosmos at dolygames dot com)

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