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$49 USD in the sea full of killer sharks, Sunday of life is the game. Who knows what is happening under the sea?
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    An adventure in the Bermuda Triangle. How weird can it get?

    The game gets faster and more varied as your score rises. Can anyone help me tweak the level progression? Is the scoring too fast or too slow?

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  • Updated the thread to reflect the more open beta testing.

  • Hey gmxo,

    To answer your question, in my opinion it starts too slow and progresses too quickly. At the very beginning its starts off a little boring honestly - but before you know it you have missles and puffa fish to avoid. (I would introduce the puffa fish much closer to the start - well before you see missles). Later however it does start to get cool, (lol was that a spaceship?!)

    Other constructive things to think about - I had no idea how many hits i could take before death.

    The bubbles (on the shark) should only move once you get some speed up. (Again just my opinion! See if others agree on this).

    Could be interesting if you grew a little every fifth time you ate a fish.

  • Thanks, I'm cutting down the score threshold or just use timing. I still have trouble with the bubbles.

    Actually, the only death here is with the mines and nothing else. And you do grow, but I guess its not noticeable enough.

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