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  • Hi I'm sharing my on the edge to be published game so you can try it out and give me your opinion

    you can play it here :

    shark attack


  • I would like to try out your game, but after going through the loading screen, I waited for about ten more seconds on a blank white screen with nothing to do...

  • I got a blank screen too on my first time loading the page. However, the second time I tried, the page came up. Strange... anyway I'll come back to this game a bit later when I have some time. Just thought I'd bring up the blank screen issue too.

  • Alright, finally got some time to try the game out. First off, great job on the art. It's very appealing and atmospheric. The aesthetic is very pleasing. However, when designing the fish that are going to be eaten, I think you should take a close look at how they're designed. There were two fish in particular that it looked like I shouldn't be going after. Both had kind of an evil grin which made me think they were poisonous or something along those lines. But it turned out everything on screen was ok to eat.

    I don't know how far into development you are, but I suggest adding more mechanics to the gameplay if you're not too deep in. As I mentioned above, some fish look like they could poison you. So perhaps some fish that decrease your health should be added?

    And one final thing was that upon contact with the shark, fish are automatically eaten no matter where contact is made. I think it needs to be that they are only eaten when they go near the shark's mouth. There were times where I hit them with my tail fin and it considered them eaten.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback , I am glad the game worked for you .

    I'll will start with your advice . bye

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  • I just tried it too... and agree with Jim15.

    The artwork is really nice! then menu system is great. You are off to a fantastic start!

    In addition to Jim's comments I would love to see the fish move a fin or something. Even a simple 2 frame animation would go a long way to sell the idea that they are swimming. They already look good, so a little animation would go a long way!

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