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  • Hello

    I published my second game on Android! Here is promotion article with the link of game; ... or.piszozo

    I present you another great game; Shape or Color is a game tests your reflexes and eye coordination. If you love playing skill games like aa, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, you will love playing Shape or Color.

    Do you like challenges? This game will get harder as you succeed and it forces you to challenge yourself.

    Shape or Color will force your brain to make it better and better.

    Do you have a problem focusing? Shape or Color will help you while it entertains you!

    Parents, are your children able to focus? This game will help them while it presents lots of fun!

    Did you ever think how much you paid for “free” games you downloaded?

    Did you remember paying 5$ or even more for that weapon to be able to fight harder monsters and bosses?

    Or alternatively, you had to grind for gold coins for almost a week to be able to get that weapon, how did it feel?

    Did you miss the old games you paid once to own the game? There were nothing like “pay to win” then…

    Are you fed up with endless in-app purchases that lead you nowhere but purchasing even more?

    You can’t see these in Shape or Color, you just pay a reasonable price and you play the game forever. Just like in the old days.

    Shape or Color presents you time full of fun for very cheap. The game is %100 indie which means it was developed by an independent developer.



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