The Shade Path (Alpha Release)

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    Hi pals!

    I released an alpha version of game, this game is inspired by Castlevania and Punch Quest, I started to develop it from 1 month ago.

    It's currently avaliable in Windows store (Windows 8).

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    The reason why I published it game for Windows 8 because there a special contest, if my game gets 100 downloads, I will be qualified to win a Xbox One. In return your favor, I would to test your games in Xbox one :D.

    Also if you like this game, I keep updating this game including as enemies, levels, special events, world map, etc.

    I plan to port other platforms on december.

    Try it please! Thanks!

  • sorry i have win 7 if you have an dropbox link i can test it sorry.

    my game test is it if you want play it



    as I said I would port to other platforms on december, at this moment it can only be played on windows 8 because I need to get proper analytics.

  • i am new here and i notice that people here not are interested in test our games, only help us with our questions they always answer

  • sorry if some is bad writen google translator is not perfect. XD

  • JCJOSECALDERON Oh sorry! Do you speak spanish?

    It's normal when the people do not have time to test unfinished games if is nothing related important like feedbacks.

  • si hablo espa�ol jajaja como adivinaste????

    yes i speak spanish How do you guess?

  • JCJOSECALDERON Por tu nombre comun y estabas usando Google Translator, 2 motivos.

    Este foro tiene una regla, todo tiene que usar idioma ingles.

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  • ok i will change my name to tetsuya nomura so that you think I'm Japanese XD i am using your save tutorial and it is very good thanks for share XD you're the first person I talk more than 3 or 4 Messages i think that persons do not understand what I am writing XD

  • ok i installed and played your game in an evaluation Windows 8 copy   pc hope I've helped <img src="" border="0" />

  • woooooooooooow i love your game soft zoom (z button)can you share a .capx exaple of it whit me my email is


    I will post a .capx about the functional gameplay here when the download count of this game gets 100 times, would you spread the word?

  • I will put it in my Facebook and share I hope to help you XD <img src="" border="0" />


    Actual, the result is

    <img src="" border="0" />

    91 downloads left, before Novermber 1st. I reckon I would keep spreading the word over the windows 8 user boards.

  • you should put a demo in the arcade, and say that there is a complete version in Windows store

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