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  • Oh and here are some instructions.

    Notes/Drums get triggered by the rotating wheels. When the red line hits an icon the sound will play. You can drag around and move the icons. You can create new icons by dragging them out of the black rectangles with 3 colored squares in them located near each wheel. You can also create new OCT+ (up one octave) OCT- (down one octave) and Mute functions dragging out of the box with three squares (+, -, M) (Which are triggered by getting hit by the ball). You can play the ABCDEFG notes at the bottom of the screen by touching them (clicking) or by using QWERTY on your keyboard. You can also create notes in the center of the screen to be dragged into any of the wheels. Click a note and while holding click flick upwards quickly. The note you flicked will now be in the center of the screen and ready to drag. The ball roaming around the screen will trigger random audio effects and sound changes. You can control the ball (a little) with the arrow keys, but the ball will randomly change angles every 5 seconds. If you click on the ball (kind of hard to do but keep trying) it will add another ball. (Watch out, if you get a lot of balls going at once it can make the program and audio tweak out/clip, use at your own risk etc.) Basically just play around with it and have fun!

    I hope they make a little sense :P

  • Interesting idea

    It's kinda hard to see what's going on with the graphic style you chose tho^^

    IMO this kind of things works best with minimalist geometric interfaces like

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  • Hey lemo, Thanks for the feedback.

    This is still very much in the beta phase although I don't know how much more i'm going to play around with it. But I absolutely agree, This is more of a toy than anything so I went silly colorful on it. If I was going to ever try to design a more serious music app I'd definitely take the minimalist approach.

    I'll try and de-clutter things a bit before I finish it up though :) Thanks!

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    mostly bug fixes and ui enhancements.

  • new version up in the arcade! now with two banks, ability to modify tempo, save/load state. many other changes. ... uencer-196

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