Second C2 Project!

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  • It's a maze! I bet most of us haven't done of these in a while.

    Special thanks to blackhornet and Thndr for their excellent help in smoothing out the player sprite's animations.


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  • good job...

  • hi, lovely animation!

    encountered some issues : 1.- the player gets stuck on some places, this alarmingly happens on a straight wall two or three blocks before entering the exit (its on white block intersecting the black block located 42 blocks before the exit). 2.- the player movement is too sloppery, and 3.- I'd also make the player collision object smaller to make it easier to change directions.

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    I am aware of the 'stuck' issue, although I'm not entirely sure what is causing it.

    I'm also not great at player movement smoothness, so if anyone has tips on how I would improve the player movement, that would be appreciated. I tried to make it so that each arrow key moves the player at least one square in the grid (32 pixels), but holding an arrow key down can cause movement to happen really fast.

    As for making the collision object smaller, I have already made it pretty small and don't know if making it even smaller and allowing him to walk halfway into walls would look good.

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