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  • Hi. This is just a small test project I've been working on ever since trying Construct 2. It took me about a month though I didn't work on it every single day. The game is comprised of a single level, though it has a starting screen and an end.

    I'd like to ask your opinions though above all, technical feedback - how it works under browsers other than Firefox, how it behaves, if there are any bugs, etc. Additionally, I'm also including a link to a documented *.capx file - anyone can download it and see how it was made. Other than music and sounds, which were not done my me, everything else is free of use. This includes ship and enemy sprites and animations, as well as scenarios. Be a dear and let me know if you reuse them anywhere else: that's all I really ask for.

    Without delays:

    Play it on your browser through Dropbox:

    Download the *.capx file:

    Quick notes: The sounds are taken from royalty free sound banks, and the songs were made by Kevin MacLeod (browse for ""), and are available under a CC Attribution 3.0.

    Things I couldn't make on time:

    *For some strange reason, I could not make the duck at the menu screen move back and forth.

    *The end screen kept giving me Fade issues which I could not resolve, so I made the transition into it take slightly more seconds than previous ones. Couldn't figure out what went wrong there :(

    EDIT: The ship was too fast for testing purposes. I'm correcting it as I type this.

  • Ok. I found a problem I'm not sure how to work out. On player death, I gave the option to either restart the Game layout or to return to the main screen. Whatever choice works fine... for a couple of seconds, at which it then takes me to the end screen? Not sure why this is happening :(

    EDIT: Ok, figured out the issue. working on it now.

    EDIT2: I love testing things thoroughly only to have them not work. I fixed the Restart issue, but now I see the end screen isn't working. It freezes about one second after the layout starts. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> More info to come...

    EDIT3: Ok, figured the second problem out. Will upload the fixed version very soon.

  • (Should be) Done.


    *Ship speed calibrated.

    *Restart used to restart a level, then immediately take players to the ending screen. This no longer happens.

    *The end scene now plays correctly. A missing "set time scale to 1.0" was missing where it shouldn't be.

    And I guess that's that. First post now has correct versions of the game and *capx.

    EDIT: My thanks to Whiteclaws for helping me with the cooldown timer, and Kyatric for several of his documented *.capx.

  • The game just stayed black after I started.. there was ocean sounds..

    Also, you should post some screenshots!

    EDIT: Refreshed it and it worked, the game is pretty cool, I mean I really love the graphics, but you could add some effects when you fire or hit things with your cannon ball!

  • Hi. For some reason (maybe because it's close to 3MBs) it takes a bit loading it up. You might want to let your browser make love to it (ie., wait a bit before going into the main game screen). Otherwise, if you do get that black screen, hit Refresh, it'll work.

    Photos - sure! I'll post some tomorrow :)

  • nice work, really liked the effects. hard to dodge those boss fishes in a huge boat

    would like to see more harpoon action :)

    nice job

  • Binkus: Thanks! That goes in line with the feedback I got elsewhere. The fight feels slightly "cramped" as the last part of the level is scroll locked, and the boss' shots are hard to dodge. I wanted to devise a pattern that was similar to that of players (note that both the ship and boss' shots have the same angle), but that had an opening (in this case the rate of fire), so as to make it challenging but not impossible. I think some solutions could involve not confining the screen to such a small area, zooming ability or yes, reducizing sprite size (though in this case, I'd have to redo some of the waves as otherwise the ship might be harder to see).

    Rory: Thanks! Since I wanted to challenge myself in developing something as quickly as I could, I had to skip a bit on extended effects. There are animations for sprites dying, and even for when the ship's cannonbal collides against the Twangler's bony fishes, but anything else beyond that would have taken a bit more. I think a future project might include more detail in those areas.

    By the way, it's a short game but as requested, here are some screencaps:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Ya the black screen does make me think it hanged or something but I waited and it started eventually.

    Also, I manage to get my health to negative and the red health bar went below and out of the health frame.

    But I do like the art :)

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  • Hydar: Thank you. I'm not really sure what's up with the black screen, but I'm assuming it's because of the size of the game and that it takes a bit to load in full. Also, could you tell me how to replicate that situation with the health bar? Thanks in advance :)

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