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  • ok , i have posted this before but that day when i posted i wasn't that good on scirra but now i think i know what im talking about ^^

    ok , now i have made a full game with 1240,1080 (window) and i wanna change window size to 800,640 to upload it to scirra arcade but the problem if i did that i have to resize all things on the layout so i have about 7+ layouts i need to do all this in all sprites why that???

    is there a way of changing whole game layouts,sprites,everything to make them smaller with the same ratio of the old size?

    for example my player 200,200 and my window is 2000,2000 so i wanna resize the window to fit the arcade so i make the window 800,800 and the player size will change automatically to 90,90....and all sprites..

    i wish this option will added to scirra as soon as possible and i think with this we can put (normal,HD versions to games) because some people doesn't want all games work in all things!!

    good luck, and in my game ill do that with all layouts don't worry im just saying that to be in (to do list)


  • That's a good question!

  • I wish, and hope

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  • sorry if this wrong section , as i remember i posted it in open topic section and good luck ^^ keep voting up ^^

  • hello zsangerous , i htink i have an idea for your problem ...

    Set all your objects in a family and make a value for scaling and make it the window size divided by 1000 ( 2 for 2000

    1.8 for 1800 ) and then set family size to scale value

    Try , and if there is no size control on the family events , ask Ashley ...

  • cough cough - i can't make families - cough cry cough    :'(

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