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  • I thought I'd created a topic, but I didn't, so here it is.

    Pictures :

    Ship transforming :

    <img src="" border="0">


    Feedback appreciated, AI , gameplay and an actual 'win' scenario are still work in progress.

    Curious to know how it runs on other machines.

    Seems to get great FPS in firefox, chrome not so much.

    If you're curious to see what it evolved from, see here:

  • JohnnySix I Love it - Can't wait to see where you go with this!

    Runs smooth in Chrome on my laptop (i7@3ghz gf550m) - no stutter or anything!

    Are you going to add any type of lighting/fx of that nature? Doesn't really need it but just curious!

  • Hmm Chrome update broke it.


  • Cool game! Took me a few moments to get used to the controls, and get the ships orientation right. But once I did, I had a great time playing this. I really liked the different bullet power-ups too.

    Looking forward to playing this again :)

  • JohnnySix , cool, runs great on chrome here, but i guess anything does,

    so i wanted to test on nexus7, it loads pretty quick, and the intro sound is great, but yeah, cant check much further without touchcontrol :)

    other than that, a lot of cool things, i like the graphics, effects and the detail, like the trusters, the splashing guns against the wall and the particles bouncing back, also sound is great! is it self-made?

    only thing, in some parts i feel kinda lost, hard to orientate, (mostly when there are no borders around.. (wouldn't mind a small map like in the original)

    keep us posted!

  • Very well done! Good feeling!

    Run smooth on Chrome (W7 / i7 2.93HHz / GTX 570)

    Just some fps drops when I catch a bonus.

  • I really like it, the sprites are nice and clear. You could separate the map into a number of sections, will special walls that can be shot down only when a certain number of power-ups are obtained.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention it runs fine in Chrome for me!

  • Damn, that is some seriously awesome work.

    One minor change I would suggest is slightly increase the turning rate of the player when accelerating.

    How long did it take to make?

  • Wow - thanks for playing guys! :)

    It needs some tweaking for performance - everything is physics based and some stuff has been updated since I started working on it.

    Definitely going to add some more enemies, bosses and puzzles.

    I had a version with dynamic zooming also for sections with larger bosses, but need to work on a more reliable mechanic so it doesn't induce motion sickness. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • OH yeah, meant to say. Turning is shallow when you're thrusting, but let go of thruster, you can spin fast.

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  • Great game, i just clicked to check it and played 20 minutes or more.

    Runs perfectly without absolutely no lag on chrome, firefox and maxthon.

    I didn't check it on IE because... i just didn't :)

    My super old pc specs are:

    Intel quad 6600 - 2006

    3 gb of ram ddr 2 - 2006 <- I had 4 gb but not anymore :P

    g-force 560 1gb - 2010 - 2011

    2 hhds 7200 - raid 0 - 2006

    Windows 7 - 64 bit

    Hope it helps <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • congrats! good sensation ! it run fine on macbook pro / chrome.

    the reactors particules are great :) and the small reactors to turn. very nice.

    i would just suggest that the camera should be more far from the ship, because the ship is very fast and bullet are fast, so when you see the ennemy you are already too close.

  • Coming soon is scaling for speed etc, I will definitely have a zoom out far for big boss level.

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