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  • Save your tribe!

    I made this one for the Ludum Dare 29 comp.

    It was really fun and frustrating at times since i'm a beginner, but i'm happy with it now , it's my 1st completed game on Construct 2. (well... it still needs tons of polish)

    Altought i can't stop looking at the fonts, which i forgot they're supposed to be set up as images.. ñ.n

    I'm not a natural english speaker, and i'm so sleepy right now... so please excuse me for any typos!

    Have a nice day~

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  • I made an Android version of Save your tribe! ( <<<< Google Play link)

    Since its my 1st game finished, i would really apreciate some feedback. :3

    Also, i just test it on 4 devices, so i fear it will bug somewhere.

    Oh... and, does anyone knows how much times it takes to MoPub, to check the Marketplace access?

    Have a nice day guys~

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