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    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Hi!

    Me (Meloo) and my friend (MrCorniszon) would like to show you our first game, done (kinda..) in Construct 2 of course.

    We've been thinking a lot about it and we consider developing games as our future so you will see us for a long time there and this thread can be some kind of devlog, or maybe we will create another one if you like our ideas.

    Okay, about our first game - it is quite simple platformer because we just want to get experience and learn how to work together, also we'd like to get your feedback because alone we can get lost in the ideas.

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    Bobby Dino is a regular 20 years old black guy, living in the USA. His Grandpa's name is George. But why the hell am I talking about his grandfather? Well, he is an adventurer who left his family to find a treasure in mysterious Meloprops tombs located in Egypt. Someday, George's friend Mark visited Bobby. He's also an adventurer. While they were eating, Mark said that he and the Grandpa have worked together recently, in the Meloprops tombs, and he said with sadness in his eyes that George got lost and no one can find him. After a short while Bobby grabbed a fork and next day he was in Egypt. After arrival, in front of the pyramid he realised that he got nothing with him except a fork. So he grabbed a stick, and a short (compared to USA standards) string.

    And that way, with only fork on a stick, Bobby's adventure started, with one goal in his mind: Save the Grandfather and whoop everyone's else asses!

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    And here is the awesomest artifact in the world!

    <img src="" border="0" />


    <img src="" border="0" />

    -Lots of updates!

    -Some kind of.. fighting system, that's why you got the awesomest artifact in the world.

    -Nice (I think) soundtrack done by a good friend of mine Terriblue.

    -This game is not going to be easy!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Okay here is the time for some pre-alpha screenshots. Just to show that we are really working on it and that it really exists..

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Of course feedback is the most important for us, but for now there is nothing to comment I guess, just some story and a one screenshot. But well, we have to begin somewhere and somehow :)

    We will expand this thread as the game development progresses.

    Also sorry for my eventually, bad english!

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    Hey! I got a playable version for you out there. I hope to get some feedback.

    Here are some questions I'd like to be answered:

    1.Are the sounds playing correctly? (music, jumping, stabbing scorpion, collecting balls)

    2.Is the level (too) hard/easy?

    3.How do you like the soundtrack?

    4.What did you like the most in this version?

    5.What did you dislike the most in this version?

    Of course any other suggestions will be really appreciated, thanks!

    Here is the demo!

    Some of the graphics and sounds are placeholders though.

    And also, sorry for my english if it's bad.


    edit: Newest version always out there:

    Play it on Scirra Arcade!

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  • 1: Mostly. The music took too long to load (there was about 6-7 ten seconds of silence before the track loaded), and once, when I died, the music doubled up and played on top of itself. Everything else played fine.

    2: It's a good level of difficulty, but the deaths felt a bit cheap (i.e.: I didn't feel like I had control over them). I died quite a few times because I couldn't see the spikes. I found the light circle frustrating because of this.

    3: It's fine. Bit confusing though. A black dude with a 'fro is fighting scorpions in what I can only assume is a temple, and there's this weird chanting down-tempo playing. I could handle two asynchronicities, but three is a bit much. Cheesy Indiana Jones-type orchestral or some hip-hop would either (or both) go down well.

    4: Taking my time and making the jumps felt pretty good. That's a really positive thing: when the player feels rewarded from pure gameplay mechanisms.

    5: The stabbing animation. It's so soft, so effortless. I'm sure this is a limitation of your own animation skills, and I know it's still in progress, but I'd seriously put some effort into this department.

    Good start though. Could be a fun platformer!

    Are you contractually obligated to tell us where the fonts are from?

  • 1.Are the sounds playing correctly? (music, jumping, stabbing scorpion, collecting balls)

    As far as I have noticed.

    2.Is the level (too) hard/easy?

    Depends on what you're looking for, I died 2 times and it didn't take me very long, it's not too hard for an average player but some people might find it hard.

    3.How do you like the soundtrack?

    Nice, very retro.

    4.What did you like the most in this version?

    Platform design.

    5.What did you dislike the most in this version?

    Scorpions, just spam attack close to them to win automatically.

    While playing I thought it might be nice if the character said something or had more animations ( like breathing when he is standing ). Those two things would be really nice.

  • Ludipe

    Thanks for your feedback! About the idle animation, yeah we added it already as it was planned. About voice of the character, unfortunately we don't have any possibility of doing that.



    Hey, about your question, I get the fonts from for free and they host the images so that's why I should put the link to their site, according to their terms of service. Also thanks for your feedback.


    I didn't go to school (Well, I am 17) though, because I'm sick so I worked on improving the game overall, keeping in mind your opinions.

    So here is the changelog!

        What's new:

    • After scorpion receives damage, it starts to follow you and becomes   slightly faster, it's not completely retarded though, so dont expect it falls of the edge!
    • Added idle animation for Bobby (breathing)
    • Added death sound (yay)


    • Attack key changed from Shift to A
    • Increased scorpion's health from 2 to 4
    • Changed jump animation
    • Changed attack animation (actually.. added, cuz the last one was just nothing than changing the position of hands)
    • Some small changes in a level design (I think it's more fair now and you can notice every spike)

    You can play it here:

    Save The Grandpa!

    We are very limited with a free version (it is 84 out of 100 events currently) but a few more levels are coming and a boss fight too.

    After that we would like to create an Indiegogo campaing if someone gets interested in our idea(s). We aren't even adults yet and we don't have enough money to get 2 copies of license, we're also close to get the money for a drawing pad and that's all we got. We got many ideas for different games that I think are quite original and these aren't just platformers. We know that we are just beginners though, so everything will come eventually.

    Anyway, more levels coming soon and we are also waiting for your feedback!

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  • Hey Meloo,

    Cool game so far, music is very good. Creates a good atmosphere.

    I actually found it pretty damn hard myself. I like the way the battles are set out with multiple hits on the enemies, it feels a bit different than your normal platformer.

    Those spikes were the killers for me, maybe I was trying to run too fast. They just seemed to always catch me out.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • GenkiGenga thank you for your feedback!


    Hello! We got a fully playable demo version with 3 levels there. There is only 1 soundtrack so far, but Terriblue have almost finished the rest so it's going to be there soon.

    Play it here!

    Play it on Scirra Arcade!

    Also here is our blog, we are going to add some news there too

    We are going to start an indiegogo campaign soon and hope to get any support, because we want to develop more (ambitious) games and improve Save The Grandpa. We have reached 100 events limit though, and don't have enough money to get license.

    We'd like to add tons of new levels, more weapons, improve fighting system, add boss fights, skins, better scoring system and make a desktop version and eventually android version.

    We also got some questions:

    1.Did you finish the game?

    2.Do you feel it's too easy/hard? Why?

    3.What did you like the most in this game?

    4.What did you dislike the most in this game?

    5.Are you interested in playing more levels (also new content, boss fights) that are going to be added after we eventually get the license?

    Some screenshots:

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">


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