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    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to let you know about my new game that i am working witch is nearing completion.

    The game will have you play as Dr Roth a scientist who was experimenting with virtual reality when something went wrong!!! Anyway he now finds himself trapped inside the sarif computer.

    As you have lost your memory you dont know a thing.

    To progress through the game you will have to solve puzzles by shifting gravity.

    NOTE this is not a puzzle game but more a fast paced platformer in witch puzzles are built in.

    There will be 50 levels when released on 1st of march.

    The game will come to:

    Firefox Marketplace




    Scira Arcade

    Sarif is currently in development BUT you can be a BETA TESTER and give valuable feedback by playing the game and awnsering a few questions:

    1. How long did you play before quiting.

    2. On a scale of 1 to 10 how difficult did you find the game.

    3. Name 2 things you liked about the game.

    4. Name 2 things you disliked about the game.

    5. Name 2 things you would like to be added.

    If you have any level design's and want to get them into the game post them here and i will give credit.

    Please help out in anyway possible.

    The game is located at

    for chrome users there seem to be a problem so go to:

  • Great game ! Loved it !

  • gorgonzola3000

    Thanks it means alot!

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  • Why is no one viewing this thread ??

  • Wow this is great! Very innovative! It's very simple yet difficult at the same time. This game deserves some more attention.

    Keep up the good work.

    I looked at the How to Play option but I couldn't figure out how to get back so I had to reload the game.

    Edit: Answered your questions.

    For your questions:

    1. About 10 minutes

    2. It had a good ramp up of difficulty. I got stuck on level Daredevil

    3. Innovative. Fun mechanic.

    4. I don't know that there is anything I really disliked. Maybe some suggestions for possible changes. Blinking spikes were kind of annoying because I couldn't see them to time it.


    Currently I can only change gravity when I'm jumping, not falling. It might be nice to change gravity at any time I am in the air?

    When the room spun it seemed to move me a little. Almost seemed like the room spun off center. There were times I would jump near a wall of spikes and the room spinning would throw me into them instead of me falling past them.

  • whatever23

    Thanks for the good feedback and kind words is really keeps me going.

    As for your suggestions i will do something about them in the next patch.

    I have fixed alot of bugs and now there is leaderboards!!

    So people can compete to get the fastest time in a chapter.

    If you liked it spread the word let people know about it, just remember its still not complete.

  • Sarif is LAUNCHING on clay today check it out and tell me what you think.

    Also see if you have the chops to score higher than me on the leaderboards.

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