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  • Hey All,

    I have uploaded my new game with C2 'running grey' it is a one button scrolling platformer. It is horribly simplistic at the moment since I am no great artist and have done what I can.

    or here:

    Not sure if its been validated yet or not on the arcade so you can also play it on my own server. But have a play, I intend to add a lot more to the game over the next couple of weeks, once the game is in a fit state I will update the graphics and animation as well to look nicer.

    P.c. the difficulty increases as you run faster.

  • I like the running animation. I always have trouble making animation look good.

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  • theres about 10 frames in that run sequence, and the speed is set to 10 initially

  • Cool game bro. Are you working on some updates ?

  • Yeah I am, a little slowly as this is my 'fun' side project, but I hope to have something a little more soon.

  • I like the look of the guy running, are you aiming for mobile markets with this one? (i presume so as you only have 1 button). If not being able to move back and forward a bit more would be cool.

  • Yes it will be aimed at mobile markets primarily, I will probably change it so that the person can control the jump level, or change it so he uses some mystical anime style power to fly lol.

  • Hi everyone, I have uploaded a new version of running grey. Version 0.21.


    Added version number to Title Page.

    Removed 'Mario Style' background.

    Added a custom grassland background.

    Removed Health points from the top of the screen.

    Added Hearts to represent players health.

    Changed Score text to Distance Travelled in meters.

    Bug Fixes:

    Altered the way the background scrolls to remove the gaps that appeared.

    The version in the Scirra arcade was updated. (make sure it says version 0.21 in the bottom left corner of the title screen to play new version)

    Scirra Link:

    My Website:

  • Another quick update: Version 0.23

    Added blur when running on the ground.

    Fixed the background scrolling bug that occasionally occurred on first play.

  • Very nice game, I like it :), just the kind of game I like to create lately (simple, quick). One button is really cool, I might try this concept too.

    I just published a grayscale game too (believe it or not I hadn't seen your game until mine was done), I think it's the new trend <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.


    PS: would like to see more scenery, jump over a thorny hedgehog, etc.

  • Hi, thanks Geo :)

    I have now uploaded a new version to the Scirra arcade v0.31.


    More bug fixes,

    The player is now controlled by left click only.

    The longer you hold down left click the higher your jump.

    You now move forward slightly when you jump

    When on the floor you move backwards slightly.

    Bullets bug where loads appear after a short time is fixed

    Bullets now spawn more randomily but continually.

    I have now completed the work on the player character, his jumping and general movement now works fine, and I will now be working on more obstacles and scenery to add to the game. Before adding a global leaderboard.

    As always suggestions and comments welcome and helpful.


  • Hey all, another update on the arcade, this one includes 2 new enemy types, a flying bird that plops while flying along and an evil rain cloud that drops nice bright coins.

    Version 1.01 (see version number on menu screen)

    Anyway bird poo does damage

    The cloud does damage to you.

    Coins are collectable

    Birds are collectable, (5 birds will give you a speed and points boost)

    And health has been adjusted to make game harder

    Will be looking to implement local storage for coins so that i can include a shop in the future and also include global scoreboards for the next update.

    Suggestions for other things to add always welcome.

  • Hey another quick update, I couldn't sleep so have had a 2am miracle, and added local storage recording all the coins you collect game to game. Which was a lot easier than I thought.

    And I also added a 'dragon' bonus that for now gives you bonus coins but later will transform you into a flying dragon. The new version is 1.26 remember to refresh if the version number comes up as something different ;)

  • Yet more updates, A whole new menu system, started to build a shop, achievements and ongoing stat page. Also more enemies, collections and items.

    Local storage records a lot more info and saves coins and diamonds collected. Version number is now in top right corner of the main menu.

    Enjoy. :) Will continue working on adding the shop, more powerups and achievements, missions, more stats, new backgrounds and other stuff.

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