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  • Hi C2 Communitie

    I have been developing a game with Construct 2 and now it's finally complete!



      · 4 characters, each with an unique skill · Beautiful HD graphics · Compatible with and optimized for tablets · Improve your gaming profile with 17 achievements · Challenge your friends, beat their scores and become the champion of the leaderboard · No full screen ads · Video ads (completely optional)


      · AdmobAds · AJAX · PhonegapGame · PhonegapIAP · PhonegapVungle · WebStorage · XML

    So, if you have a question about how I used those objects, I would be glad to answer it!

    If you could rate the game it would be incredibly helpful to me


    BTW, let me know if there is a way I can return the help!

  • Nice!. How many different scenarios have?

  • iceangel Thanks, it has 7 scenarios

    We are going to improve the scenarios as soon as we can hire a designer

  • Iolva ... that good!, I hope that not much increases the difficulty.

  • I love your enthusiasm ! Finally there is someone like me super excited to make super awesome games

  • Naji I have an "office" job, which is fine.

    In my free time (which it's not much) I'm building a company, sometimes it's exhausting but I love developing games more than anything. So, this will just the beginning.

    I would love to quit my job and focus on develop games (I have a looot of ideas), but I have to pay the bills

  • It is just perfect! I admire the art work and the game is adictive hahaha.

    Good to know that you are building a company. I'm doing it too, I love making games but I've never created something directly to the market... but I'm starting with it right now.


  • Carlos182

    Aja! Muchas gracias por tu "review"! 5 estrellasss!! Yey!

    Esperamos añadir más caracteristicas en el futuro.

    Te deseo exito en tu compañia! Si necesitas un comentario avisame!

  • There is no touch screen to play. Your play-icon is to select the player?! Rate for your game appears every time, other games don't (rate now or later).

    Kendys assets again.

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  • JamesXXXYZ Well, we will keep an eye on that.

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