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  • ==UPDATE==

    My first Android game Run CRIMINAL! has been released on Google Play. It is also available on Amazon AppStore, Mobango and on some other stores also

    It is a platform runner game with levels.


    You, kid, robbed a bank just for fun. You successfully did it but the bank staff informed the police. Now run to your father's car which is parked far from bank. Avoid police their cars and other obstacles in your way. Collect gold to increase your money to buy stuff from store


      Beautiful HD Graphics 12 challenging levels More levels will be added soon Different types of police Different types of obstacles and challenges Upgrade and buy new items 5 different cities

    The game is available on both Android and on Web.

    On android, the game is available as paid version and free version. Free version contains ads. But if you buy the full version (1.2$) then there will be no ads and you will get 1000 free gold to buy stuff from in-game store

    The web version is available to play on Facebook with score sharing option. Users can share their score on timeline and can also recommend the game to their friends.



    =Android Version GooglePlay=

    =HTML5 Web=

    Please review my app on PlayStore, and if you like then please write a review on the app page and give rating. Also please share my app using the share button on web version of game

    I need your feedback and suggestions whether they are good or bad.

    Thank you so much

  • Please note that the preview images are of early development. So there are some changes to UI which are not visible in these previews

  • I have uploaded the newest version which includes various bug fixes

  • Hi everybody

    Run CRIMINAL! is now also available on

  • Amazon are retarded. I install the Amazon app on phone to check the game out and when I go to download it I get this:

    "This mobile application does not currently support digital downloads. Add this item to your wishlist and you can view and purchase it from your computer."

    I go to my amazon account on my desktop, log in, add the game to my wishlist. It tells me to install the Amazon app and install the game through there...


    Also I can't find it on

  • Also are you serious that you can't find $25 for a Google Play developer account?? Would be well worth it now that you've got a developed game!

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  • Also are you serious that you can't find $25 for a Google Play developer account?? Would be well worth it now that you've got a developed game!

    Hi sorry i forget to update the thread. My game is live on Google PlayStore.

  • amazing game i gotta say

  • amazing game i gotta say

    Thank u so much man

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