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  • Haven't made something playable in a while, so I'm glad for the extended deadline on the rotary contest. In the end I just barely made it, but I did. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    So the idea was to make a horizontal space shooter where you can fly anywhere by locking into the four major directions, but also taking away the ability to shoot. It's rather about precise controls and dodging, and clever usage of your shield. You also have a boost with which you can kill/damage enemies after all.

    Well, give it a try if you like, any kind of feedback is welcome as always. I'd also like to thank SMECK for quickly providing me with a music track to use, thanks a ton mate!

  • Quick heads up: I recently uploaded a revised version of this game named RUE remix to Game Jolt, where it just got featured.

    A good time to try your hand at it I guess. But beware: high difficulty!

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  • You're right, it's tough, at least for me! I really like the feel of the game, I'm just not so good at these types of games. Looks great though.

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