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  • This is a simple room editor I made for use with my other projects. This one is for a castlevania style platformer.

    Layout Editor

    The controls are simple.

    Left click creates a block or selects the one under the cursor.

    Right click deletes the block under the cursor or Selects None in open space.

    Arrow keys scale the selected block. Right/Down grows it Left/Up shrinks it. Holding Ctrl and using the arrow keys will make the block the largest/smallest size possible.

    The selected block wont overlap any other blocks. If it does it gets deleted.

    Click a block type on the left side to place that kind of block. The types are:

    Full Block - solid. Main block for makin rooms.

    Half Block - jumpthru. Cant be scaled up/down.

    Angle Left - solid. 45 degree angle for stairs

    Angle Right - same as Left but facing the other way.

    Point - non solid. Used to set spawn points in the rooms. Cant be scaled.

    The buttons are pretty self explanatory but Ill mention the major 3.

    Shot - Takes a screenshot of the current layout and opens it in a new tab/window. It was made for me to use the pic in other projects so its not a very indepth setup. It overwrites the same file everytime so its not very useful for multiple ppl using it. Not on the mobile version.

    Gen - generates a string of the layout so it can be saved.

    Read - parses a string and generates its layout.

    It works on mobile too. Pretty much everything works except the screenshot and min/max scaling.

    Feel free to discuss or post layouts here. Later today Im gonna work on adding a test mode so you can play the layout with a simple platform object as well as maybe flesh out the screenshot generation. Questions/Comments always welcome!

  • That's really quite awesome, good work!

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  • My antivirus strongly advised me not to go to this website, are you sure the link is ok?

  • its a computer sittin not 10ft away from my main computer in my livin room that I run my minecraft server on... preeeeeeeetty sure its ok lol

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