The Ronin - Samurai duels

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    The Ronin puts you into the skin of a fallen samurai. Fight to the death in unforgiving, dynamic duels ! You get a single opportunity to kill each of your enemies.


    • Duel-based, dynamic fights
    • 1 finger, intuitive action gameplay
    • Japanese inspired setting

    About us

    The game was created by the Resonant Craft team. We develop html5 games for mobile and desktop platforms.

    More about the game

    The Ronin was our entry for the Ludum Dare 28 game jam. You can find its page here.

    We are looking for feedback to improve the game, so don't hesitate to give us critiques here and/or on social networks !

    Find us on

    Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus

    Our website

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  • Valerien

    HEY, this is actually pretty awesome and its really well made. It's very professional and the vector art flows well with the gameplay. Also, since it already looks like its ready to be placed in the market, why not add a in-game shop for the users so they can customize the samurai? It would force them to continue and have some kind of a goal in mind.

  • Thanks retrodude. It's not totally ready for the market yet : we're going to polish the game after our current project.

    We are going to dig some sort of shop and various other improvements, including some social functionality ;) !

  • Looks very interesting.. Can't wait to try.

  • Hey everyone,

    I added a play button as it was unclear that the game is already available in its alpha form.



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