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    ROCKETS <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0" align="middle"> EVERYWHERE (No point in censoring after the- oh, fine then.) is a game originally created for a GameJolt competition. Since then, I've rebuilt it from scratch and have added many new features and optimizations. This isn't finished, but it's getting there. I have ambitions on selling this online and start making money from the games I love to make (Steam maybe?). The music was created by Graham 'Pitfall' Baker and I plan to share 30-40% of the money we receive with him. :)


    You can get what I have finished of the game on GameJolt or IndieDB. You can also view the games Steam Concept Page!

    What I would REALLY REALLY REAAAALLLLYYY appreciate would be if you were to give feedback, or suggestions on what I could fix or change. You could also share with your friends and ask them to share their opinion (I seriously want to make sure this is as awesome as it can be.)

    Thanks, and have fun! ;)

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