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  • Really like the graphics, the sounds are nice too. Really smooth as well.

    I had to read your instructions a few times before i realised what I had to do though. The way the fireworks are positioned above the rocket to begin with was what threw me.

    That was some powerful fireworks :)

    Haha i was trying to put the fireworks underneith the the ship instead of on to it (which still pushes the thing funnily). You could possibly force the player to attach the rockets to the ship - and if they didnt they wont fire. (I wont edit out my stupidness, sometimes its valuable to see how people misinterpret instructions)

    Playing it properly - its pretty fun, well done.

  • Good job man. Really good job.

    Couldn't get the 3 stars and go to the moon tough. It was too difficult for me. I will suggest that you reduce the speed of the fireworks just a little bit. Therefore, I think the rocket will be easier to control.

    I will also suggest that you make the instructions bigger so that it's easier to notice them and read.

  • Thank you both <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> anthonykojima I'm going to do tests and reduce the power little bit. If I would have just little bit more events I would make a nice tutorial level for it. I have actually made so that players don't need to collect any stars, just get to the moon. I will continue this with a licence and add few wolds that you need to unlock with a certain amount of stars, different space rockets and more fireworks.

  • nemo

    Sounds really great man. I hope you will have the chance to continue your game and add all the new stuff you told me. Anyway, be sure I will stay tuned dude. Your game will be really interesting ^^

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