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  • Hey folks,

    i just finished my new game <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">.

    Any feedback and especially bugreports are highly welcome!

    Use your arrow keys to control the rocket and enter to reset the level. Currently there are 23 levels.

    Have fun playing,

    kind regards


  • Update:

    when your rocket tips over you can now press S or down arrow to aplly a small impulse and bring it back up again!

    added WASD controlls

    added version number in menu bottom left

    also i released the game on kongregate. ... te-express

    Kind regards


  • j0schi,

    beautiful graphics. Nice concepts.

    I thought the spaceship controls hard to master. Maybe you could let it easier.

    It can demotivate in the initial levels.

  • frcol


    to be hornest the grafics are stok, i am really bad at graphics, but i take it as a compliment to choosing nice graphics haha

    the controlls are hard on purpose, i could maybe make them some less sensitive, would that make sence? or there might be a problem, do you have a 120hz monitor? i cant test this

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  • No, I don´t have 120hz monitor.

    I think that the hz of the monitor does not change the gameplay.

  • for physics game it actually does, you have to manually set the phisics behavior to framerate independet, which i did, after a friend with a 120hz monitor reported this problem to me. i will ask him if the game runs at normal speed now this might be related.

  • j0schi

    The control are kinda messy at first I always landed with head first, but after I play it for 5-6 times, now I can nailed it!

    oh and for the level 2 or 3, when the satellite is out of the screen, I thought it was a bug, you might need to add some indicator to tell us where the land point is.

    yup that's it. thank you.

  • Thats a good idea with the indicator, thanks

    Have you tryed the version on kongregate? i tweaked the controlls a lot, also you can press the down key now to bring the rocket back up again at the cost of some fuel

    One can learn it pretty fast, its a little hard in the beginning, i think thats why the game got so bad ratings

  • newlee just uploaded the latest version to kongregate, there is now a small green arrow which indicates where to go



  • j0schi

    Yay, the indicator! it's better now, keep it up!

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