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  • Hello guys.

    I've made this this game for SXSW indie game contest with my girlfriend, Lullie, and my friend, Deds. To make this game, we've used the physics behavior to simulates magnet attraction and repulsion.


    Robotonov is a tiny robot without super powers or special skills. He's just an antique robot produced to help people work on factories controlling magnetic devices. Now, the factory where he used to work is about to collapse, and he was left alone in there! He moves very slowly and the only way he can survive is with your help! Activate different types of magnets in this challenging and innovative physics-puzzle-action-platform game and help Robotonov escape from the factory avoiding some dangerous obstacles.


    Move: "A" and "D" keys Activate magnets: Mouse Left-click on magnets objective: Escape from a factory about to collapse


    I hope you all enjoy this demo and if you have some advices... please, share to me. ;)

    Play Here!

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  • Pretty nice game :D

    I like the over-all presentation and the progressive difficulty. Very cool!


  • Great game!

    the graphics are nice. The sound, as usual, gets crazy in chrome, but just in chrome.

    Loved the idea :)

    Btw (W key makes the scale bigger, was that intended?)

  • SoldjahBoy: Thank you, I used games like Portal as inspiration for level design and learning process.

    AngeloFernandes: Yeah, the sounds was a problem in development process. And the "W" key was intended to implement, but we have no time to complete it. And I forgot to remove the final version =/

    But, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my game.

  • The W key helps a lot in certain games where the layout scale is small.

    I just found it because WASD is common in several games to play them :)

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