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  • Hello everyone,

    This is Haruz, I and my team would like to be introduce our game: RoboticSoulz

    RoboticSoulz is 2D side-scroll action game. You will be play as Sera half fox-girl half mechanic who lost memory.

    Slashes, shoot, and released finishing move to defeat bosses.

    style game : rockman

    Credit and contribution

    :iconSollyz: art design



    :iconSnowCheetah: english translate

    and ost music from Gunvolt

    This game is for only entertainment use.

    Do not use this game for any profit.


    At 30xx, MERVIC successfully develop organism that combination between human, beast, and mecha together. With outstanding power of new creature, MERVIC used them to start the world war and dominated the world. The resistances tried their best to fight back but it was futile. After the war, MERVIC is victorious and evilly dominate the world.

    NEXUS, survivors of resistances from war, doesn't give up and keep resist from MERVIC. Several years later, NEXUS find new invention from MERVIC. She is half fox-girl half mechanic with critcial condition. NEXUS heal her and found out that she is lost her memory. The only thing she knows is her name, Sera. Sera join NEXUS and the epic fight from MERVIC's domination is started

    HAVE FUN!!

    download :

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  • Nice work!

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