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  • ringaling

    Remove the rings before they grow too large! Addictive and really stressful!

    Super fun, addictive and really stressful. Not for the player with a risk of stressing themselves to death.

    Very simple rules. Touch the rings to destroy them. Mid-size rings splits into two pieces when touched. Touching a green ring gives you one score-point. When a ring turns orange, there is only a few seconds left before you loose. Every second the rings slowly grows, when they have reached maximum size, you loose the game.

    New rings forms from the spiral, gradually making it harder and harder for you up to a certain point.

    Detailed statistics from last game and from all games of ringaling you played.

    See if you can reach Top100 with your score!

    Technical info

    ¦ Personal game data is saved in "WebStorage"

    ¦ Top100 data is saved at Parse.com, using a self developed plugin for communicating with Parse.com

    ¦ AdMob as Ads network, using a self developed plugin that we released in public here

    ¦ Built, using Intel XDK and their Cordova Crosswalk build.

    Screenshots Click to view larger!

    Released on

    Amazon (Currently Aproved, waiting on go Live)

    Google Play Payed version without ads, and Free version with ads.

    Developed by

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