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  • "The Rimward Migration" is a working title for my game, until I can think of something better. I was using the generator on to come up with cool names for aliens, spaceships etc but couldn't settle on one that I liked unfortunately. So the working title will stand for now, which is fine :-)

    <img src="" border="0">

    So the game is a basic stop/start game for mobiles. I got the idea of the simple game dynamic fro ma pixel-art game called "The Tapping Dead" in the Play store. It's simple, which for mobiles is excellent. I hate on-screen controls, they're just so difficult without any sort of tactile feedback.

    So pressing and holding the screen haults the spaceship's progress. Unpressing resumes it's linear path. You have to pause to avoid colliding with the other spaceships.

    The graphics are free, and were from Dan Cook's site here:

    I know it's basic right now, but I have loads of changes planned. Right now he menu screen is a mess, it only has 2 levels, and the 2nd level looks pretty hideous with placeholder graphics.

    The biggest thing I need to do is figure out how to make the gameplay smoother on mobile, as it's really slow on my Nexus 4, and I haven't quite figured out why.

  • I just tried this on my Android Nexus 4 using Phonegap. Oh dear. It's sooooo slow :-(

    If anyone's interested in testing it for Android/iOS,

    here's the link to the phonegap build

    Here's the capx

  • onion The Phone gap link is not working.

  • onion The Phone gap link is not working.

    You're right, try this:

    Maybe it's a one-time link that's changed every time I upload a new version. If you want to play, download the capx and have a go instead perhaps.

    I'll try and get this into a decent state of finished-ness and put it onto the Scirra arcade :-)

  • Tyrian graphics sure are popular.

  • I got this see image when installed on an Acer Iconia A500 it did not play like the game on your capx file

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Tyrian graphics sure are popular.

    Haha yep you're right. It's the best graphics I can find for free tbh! If you know of a decent resource for us non-artists, please share!

  • Ahh Games what you're seeing there is actually a different test file. Sorry about that! Phonegap only allow you 1 project for free, and I'm tight so I keep uploading to the same one!

    That is one of my test projects to see if I could improve the framerate on phones. Sadly it's very slow and I can't figure out why.

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  • I've uploaded this to the arcade under "test games" just for experimentation, you can   see it here.

    However I've noticed that in the arcade, the tiles seem to have a 1px gap around them. I noticed this also when I uploaded my other example game. I'm pretty sure the tiles are pixel-perfect, and it looks fine when testing on my machine - so why the gap in the arcade?

    Do I need to overlap the tiles?

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