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  • Hey everyone,

    This started off as an experiment, while playing around with "dynamic" shadows for my game �Emo Guy� (Which has been shelved due to poor planning on my part and a massive loss of interest.) I have been reading and reading and reading up on the use of dynamic shadows. Unfortunately at present this is can be achieved with some cleaver imaging and positioning, or with the use of the Canvas plug-in and Turning off WebGL. This isn't the most elegant way to achieve this, but I figured I would attempt to create something using R0J0hound 's example, since I'm a sucker for dynamic lighting and shadows on 2D games.

    Played around, pulled hair out, and came up with a quick little game w/ shadows. I showed my progress to a roommate and to my surprise he was not listening to a word I was saying when explaining the game, for he was like a little kid playing Mario. He immediately requested more levels after an hour of play and wanted some added mechanics like wall jumps. It then dawned on me that I basically made a SMB clone.


    You are a fragile pixel that is called on when a display goes out. The cause of the outage is bad pixels.

    There are 3 bad pixels spread out through each level.

    Each jump takes a little bit off your health/brightness.

    Hard Lands from jumping too high will result in a increased brightness loss.

    High jump falls - result in death.

    Each pixel grab changes your color in order of RGB - Red, Green, Blue

    There are laser/beam traps that you must avoid and time to advance or to obtain a bad pixel, along with gaps and pitfalls.


    WASD = Left Right - in game : Up, Down - at menu

    Space = jump

    N = Speed Boost

    P = Pause

    You can jump off walls � Max 2 jump offs

    If you use JoyToKey for controller mapping, you will be 10x more pleased with gameplay.

    Scoring is based on Total deaths and hard lands. Lowest score is ultimately the best score.


    *Note: jumps height/deaths with shadows on, on ill equipped hardware, can result in unrecorded deaths or weird random deaths. This is a result of the fall height mechanics being directly effected by FPS. If you experience this, the best fix is to turn off shadows in the options menu. They are OFF by default.

    Tested Browsers: Chrome... Use Chrome

    I tested two PC platforms.

    Laptop: i5 and Intel w/ integrated graphics : Shadows on, is a bit laggy 30FPS

    Desktop: Xeon and 2GB nvidia GTX650ti : No issues 60 FPS

    Credits for shadows:

    Shadows: R0J0hound - Shadows capx

    Canvas Plugin: R0J0hound - Canvas Plugin

    Still A WIP, but Let me know what ya think and if you find any issues or glitches.


    Chrisfacecjf2013-03-09 15:39:38

  • The game is good, very hard. Nice control but dominate the jumps is hard. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Thank you for the feedback and for playing! I agree the jumping can be a challenge to master. Especially with a keyboard.. When making it I used JoyToPlay and a PS3 controller, which makes a world of difference. Waiting on a Xbox controller to enable the gamepad functionality within construct.

    Thanks again!

  • The light circle is way too small which made most of my navigating and jumping blind. You should always be able to see where you're trying to get to.

  • Thanks for the feedback. This isn't the first time I have heard this.. How much bigger are you thinking? Just trying to get a bunch of opinions.

    I have also thought about making that a difficulty option. Not sure yet at this point.

  • I hadn't read your instructions and so it took me 5 minutes to get the game going. Why not map the arrow keys? I would expect enter to select my menu option.

    I could not get the hang of jumping and so I quickly was de-motivated to play further. At the moment your game is not intuitive and you get no feedback about what you are doing wrong. I would certainly redesign the map so that the player can achieve something quickly and ramp up the challenge from there.

  • czar Thanks for feedback. I remapped the enter and arrow keys for menu selection. I do however, need to build out a tutorial, for the first few levels to better explain the mechanics, and what to do.

    Mulkaccino I increased the glow radius. Helps out a bunch.

    I updated the demo with the above mentioned, along with reducing when the particles fall off the player. I found that how it was before caused the player to sometimes catch on the particles/bullet behavior. I also added a a trail/blur when using the speed boost.

    Just revisit and refresh browsers.

    Time to make some explaination levels.

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