Revenge Street inspired by Grand Thef Auto

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    Text translated from Spanish to English from Google Translator.

    The group of developers, in which I participated as editor of the group's official blog, working on a degree of conduction intended for various platforms that support HTML5. The game is called "Revenge Street". Inspired by the famous Grand Thef Auto series, the title will allow us, in addition to move freely around the city and carry out many actions in it, complete different Misones to advance in the game. Within a week, I can give out information about the history in which orient the game among others. The title will be available in English and Spanish languages.

    The graphics are being designed with Google Sketchup and Iclone 5, as you can see are very similar to the graphics of Grand Ther Auto for Play Station One

    Receive a greeting.

    More information on the official blog:

  • Information extracted from the official blog:

    "Today we can raise awareness and the types of vehicles that can be driven on Revenge Street.

    From cars, boats, motorcycles, bicycles and helicopters. In the game, we will have several car parks located throughout the city, where we park our vehicles and remain stored there. Vehicles will have a certain resistance to surpass it, they will be destroyed.

    InteractiveContacta prepares detailed information about the history in which orient the title, for next week. "

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    Tiene muy buena pinta.


    Although there is little information about the history in which Revenge Street is going to target, we have a brief summary of the role which he played in the game.

    Daniel, a Macgraund City Police, had a relationship with Lisa, a girl 10 years younger than him.

    After time, their relationship was affected when Lisa, began frequenting areas full of crime in the city, and hanging out with poor people in those places.

    Lisa, without any explanation, disappeared and abandoned Daniel.

    After several years, Daniel gets a call from a former colleague of the academy, Tomas Timon. Tomas lives in Fitcheral City, and informs that Daniel met Lisa, but do not bring good news with you. Lisa is currently the partner of one of the major drug dealers in the city. After hearing this, Daniel heads to Fitcheral City in search of answers.

    The game is targeted as Fitcheral City, a city controlled by Frank the Great, a drug trafficker with enough power. Daniel did not stop until get to Lisa and find many answers about why he abandoned. Unfortunately, in the search for those answers, Daniel Frank problems seek the Great and his people and Lisa, did not return with that of all ...

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  • We received an email from Nintendo, Nintendo Web Farmework talking about, so it's quite possible that one version lanzemos also compatible with Wii U.

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