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  • Hey guys. Here's a little procedural racing game I've been working on for a while. Tell me what you think!

    Play it Here!

    I actually originally intended it to be on a smartphone, but alas neither CocoonJS or AppMobi support Construct 2's Effects system, of which this game is a freakin' smorgasboard.

    Features include:

        Procedural, neverending track

        Two game modes, Arcade and Chill Out

        Dynamic, psychadelic background

  • I like the concept, it's fun to play. Nice work!

  • Looks pretty good, reminds me of Audiosurf!

    The game could be a little more colorful. Lots of orange and green.

    Also if it's possible, can you add the option of controlling the ship with the mouse?

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  • Nice.

    Implement AZERTY keyboard if you can... Q and D to move the sprite could be great :)

  • i like the track, almost got my head nodding, until it got me

    very nice sir. too bad about the effects support. this could easily be a good touch/tablet/mobile game.

    maybe you can do an 'alternate' version for mobile, until they 'catch up'.

  • IronRick - thanks!

    Zero6 - That's on the to-do list. Cheers!

    Sylvain - Interesting idea, it's on the list. Thanks!

    harrio - Thanks! I considered it, but literally 99% of the aesthetics of the game depends on the effects engine. I like the look, so I think I'll just put it in the bank until the mobile side catches up.

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