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  • Hi everyone.

    I havce been working on this little game for some time now and just wnat to show you what it look of as for now. The player character is borrowed from a Megaman Soccer game, so i cant take credit for that but all the rest is my own creation inc. sound and music.

    i would really like to hear what you think works or dont work for you, so just hit me hard. :)

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  • The character seems to fall a little too quickly. Then again, maybe that's the point? It could just be me not being used to seeing Mega Man struggling with gravity ;)

    Some sound effects might be a little too loud, especially the stepping one. Having options to set the SFX volume .

    I think the spear trap sprite blends in with the background a too well, I didn't immediately notice it popping out of the ground when triggered. For example, at 0:26, I feel it doesn't really stand out enough from the torch and skull pike.

    The Mega Man sprite doesn't look too out of place to me, so I'd say you're definitely doing something right in the graphics department! He's just a placeholder, I'm assuming?

  • Thank you for your comment Vonfirflich, it is very usefull for me. I will have a look at all they things that you mention. I might make the speartrap flash white for a frame or two, to make it more visible.

    The megaman is just a placeholder.

    Could i get you to try thae demo in a near future to test it? The game is more like a speedrun where you need to collect all the fruits as fast as you can.

    And a happy newyear to you as well. :)

  • Happy new year to you, too ;)

    Sure, I don't mind testing the demo, although I don't really know how useful I'll be x)

    I'm also trying to make a game that encourages going somewhat fast, actually, so at least I shouldn't be too out of my element!

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