Retro Rocket Gear in Android

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    Retro Rocket Gear in Android

    Wow, making mobile game with C2 is hard!

    I have modified this from web version a lot for optimizing, but still have lagging in old devices.

    Anyway, Enjoy :)

  • Firstly, brilliant concept! Is this based on anything? What were you influences? I'm really curious :)

    Art wise, your color choices could have been a lot wiser, it's really painful on the eyes now, and this kind of saddens me, because the style in general is great, I love the rockets, but not so much the overly saturated green on the robots.

    Game play wise, I love it! I just don't understand what moving back and forth really accomplishes :)

  • Really? Thanks :) Hmm. I don't think I was influenced by something. Maybe arkanoid?

    By the way, how do you work on pixel art, Rory? I'm so impressed by your 'unicorn' art. I just made sprites with C2's basic sprite editor(except font), and my sense of color matching saddens me too.

    Horizontal moving will be meaningful after several updates come.

  • Ah, it's just a really good idea, you have some talent!

    I just open a big canvas in photoshop, zoom all the way in and start drawing pixels away!

    Aright, I'll try keep up with those updates :)

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  • Yay, compliment from Rory :) You ARE really talented. Thanks for the tip.

    Good luck with your work!

  • No problem man, and thank you :) that mean's something to me.

    Also, you're not bad yourself, keep it up!

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