The Resistance (Rikoshi Mobile Jam)

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  • Play here for free: ... tance-6254

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    ------Story (Available in the game)----

    There was a time when the Kingdom of Lavior was at peace.

    The people of Lavior were happy with their king and the pope that guides them to righteousness.

    But One day, all was turned into chaos when the king and pope were killed by the traitorous prince.

    The Prince even corrupted the church by declaring a priest that every priest knows for leaving the path of righteousness as the new Pope of Lavior Church.

    The Orc surrounding the Lavior Kingdom was once allies of the people of Lavior until the prince came.

    Because of the fear of the Orcs to the Kingdom, they had no choice but to team up with them.

    The People of Lavior is now in trouble.

    Because of the pity of the fairies and the fairy princess, the fairy kingdom decided to help the People of Lavior but will only be effective if the People of Lavior doesn’t lose hope.

    You are the new chosen leader of the Resistance, as you were blessed by the Fairy Princess.

    Guide your new people to take back the kingdom you all lost.

    Guide them as the new king you are.

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  • Project File (.Capx File Available)

    Tutorial + Project File (.Capx):

    How to make a Castle Defense Game with Project File (2016): ... -file-2016

    Scirra Arcade Game + Project File (.Capx)

    The Resistance: ... -6254?cp=3

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