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  • Rescue Fish Android Game

    Rescue fish game is a fun to play and a different platform. all you got to do is to save the innocent fish from evil fish. first of all you have to zap an air bubble from the fish you get and chase away the evil fish and next zap the fish to the cage blocks and rescue innocent fish. meantime collect the coins and score as much as you can.

    this game includes 10 levels and 01 endless level. as you finish the first level the level two will be automatically unlocked. once you finish the entire course of 10 levels the gates of the awesomeness of endless level will be unlocked.

    Google Play Store Link:


    • 3 types of game play
    • 10 levels and 1 endless level
    • Share score on facebook wall
    • 4 types of resolutions
    • Play and beat your friends' scores
    • No ads

    Thank You!

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