Renegade - Free Browser game, with paid Android version.

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  • Hey guys!

    I've been a C2 user for like 2 years now, but i finally got around finishing something!

    This is my first published game. It's an old school space-arcade-shooter with a modern twist i guess.

    You can get it using the link on the right in my webpage!

    It's a paid app, but it's not an expensive one. I really worked hard and put my heart on this so people would have fun with playing with it ?


  • Ok, first C2 game on android I ever bought, will it be good enough for me?

    God it actually is!

    Even though the tilting control were not working on my samsung galaxy tab 3, I still managed to have some good fun with it, I love the chose an upgrade at the end of the level, I really like the fact your score is actually money that can be used to repair the ship, the energy ammo thing is also nice, and having a good maitrise of the shield can I am sure be pretty nice against some ennemies.

    I got pwned by the first boss, but I will get my revenge soon enough I hope.

    The game was running at a solid framerate (which makes me think crosswalk), the graphics are nice, the music is not too repetitive (even though I do not know if it ever changes yet), sounds were working perfectly, I was on a tablet and find the controls not that big, I wonder how small they could be on a mobile phone, unless it was designed that way on tablet and differently on phones.

    I rarely buy games because only a few catches my attention, but I still prefer buying a game than having ads inside a free game, your game is a paid one, and I must say, I am not dissapointed at all, the only downside being the non working tilting controls, but for that price and the good fun I had, worth it totally.

    I will play it more tommorrow to have a second view on it, then I will rate it on google play, but I think it will have a good set of stars. Really satisfied with it, and the finitions seems fairly well done too (even though K was more concentrated with the actual gameplay rather than neatpicking).

  • Omg, thanks for the purchase!

    the game was actually design and tested on smartphones, and for some reason I was never able to make the inclinometer work on tablets, Though it works fine on smartphones. that's why I ended up adding the touch control option. Which I also ended up preferring, even on my own Samsung Galaxy S3 I use the touch controls to play =)

    I'm glad you liked the game mechanics, I'm very happy with them, I tried to make them challenging and somewhat innovative without making them too restrictive.

    About the score being the in-game currency, the plan was to correlate what your score could be, to how many "helps" you used. And I think it works

    And yes, I opted for a cheap paid app, exactly because I didn't want to put adds in the game, and "taint" the user experience, i like how things were back in the ol'days.

    Though a free app gets more visibility and more people would actually play it.

    Thanks again for the support ^^

  • If really the sellings are not increasing, some people actually have ads combined with an in app purchase to get rid of the ad, but I do not know how that would work in practice (I think most people also do not want to use their bank informations on the google play, that could explain partially it too, old games were bought in a physical store).

    I killed the two first bosses, the difficulty ramped up, I would assume this is actually near end game, it is hard to make the choice to not use the score, which I like since to have a better score, you need to get better.

    Also If you can find a way, try to have an online scoring system if possible (even thoug I think it is not played by that many people currently from what I read on your website, and I can rassure you, for its price, it is worth it).

    Edit: when you have full life, and you upgrade it, you end up having one less HP than the maximum, not sure if this is corrected in the update

    Edit:I just updated it, and it is stuck a 56% loading (and it becomes red, which is normally C2 saying it cannot load a ressource)

  • Hey again, it's fixed now, you just need to wait for the update to distribute and everything will be fine ^^

    About the energy update, you are correct, i'll fix it.

    And again, i'm glad you liked the game ^^ It means a lot to me.

  • It is working again, and I rated it on the google play now, looking foward to other creations of yours in the future.

  • Nice work!

  • Aphrodite iceangel thanks guys! =)

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  • I like this game!

  • I still have a hard time (and I mean, sometimes I am lucky if I can) dodging the first boss missiles, and itseems it becomes a real obstacle later in the game.

    Last Lost on level 15 with 065175 points, I gave up when I saw how I was murdured by what I would guess is the last boss of the game (if it is not, then I can only guess that the death star is next lol).

    Also the gyroscope worked on my phone, but is not that practical in my opinion since we cannot caliber it, would be nice to have this option, but just suggesting.

  • The missiles as are only predictive down until about half the screen, then they just go in a straight line. So you just have to stop moving or change direction.

    The way the gyro works, is basically pretty much identical to the touch buttons, when tiled past the gyro's deadzone, it just goes from 0 to max speed. just as the buttons do =), I could add an option to caliber the dead zone maybe, though personally I prefer the touch controls way more. You can't play laying down with the gyro controls.

    I'm still super glad you keep liking this game ^^. I'm working on a smaller, dumber and casual-er game now. Completely different type of game though. I'm looking forward to sharing it with the world ;D Besides, this one will be free, so I guess more people will play it.

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