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  • REDSIDE - single story TDS action-thriller in the genre of "political thriller"


    • Stealth elements: the player can hide in dark, unlit places, use silent weapons
    • Elements of tactics: the player can use cover for more accurate shooting and less damage, use special ammunition
    • In many tasks the player will have to control a variety of equipment (tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles, drones)
    • During the mission there will be unexpected turns and difficulties that change the game pace
    • Various mini-games (passing a minefield, overcoming the area under fire from a mortar, etc.)
    • More than 20 types of weapons, various ammunition, additional combat capabilities

    Platforms - PC, Consoles


    Gameplay video

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    REDSIDE Beta


  • Airstrike



    Ground mine indication



  • REDSIDE on Indie Cup !

  • Zaire - location №5

  • REDSIDE gameplay footage. Location Zaire, burnt village, jungle ride

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  • Landmine laying

  • I'm very impressed. Acutally a great game that I would buy.

    It's beautiully designed and a very good versatile gameplay. Also the UI Design is very well done.

    What I didn't like at first was the intro video. It doesn't have enough action for me and is very lengthy. In addition, I would have liked a different representation of the graphic style. However, I have to say that the real video also makes the real problem of the game's plot much more real. And I think that's exactly what you wanted too. Maybe the beginning, with the somewhat monotonous announcements of the moderators can be spiced up a bit or accompanied by music?

    The only thing I don't like so much are the pictures of the characters. But that is a matter of taste. I just don't like the style and would have imagined it differently.

    Still, just a great game! What about the release?

  • Thank you for your feedback, this is very important for me, because I get few reviews, I would like more.

    I ask to give feedback to others players, who played the demo.

    You're right, I really wanted to create an atmosphere of reality using documentary videos. This strengthens the connection between game fiction and the real world, which already has too many wars. Oddly enough, but I will try to develop anti-war game . After all, despite the fact that all the episodes in the game are fictional, I take real historical events as a basis without reference to real historical characters and rework them to fit the needs of the plot.

    Also, for me it was the best option for presenting information in a briefing. I am working on a project alone and my experience, artistic skill and time would not have had enough to create briefings in other ways, for example, using comics or cartoons. And I immediately dismissed the text version as very boring - the gamers do not read texts.

    Perhaps I'll make the videos shorter, although when I did them, I already tried to shorten them as much as possible. Indeed, in addition to presenting information, I wanted to convey the spirit of the late 80s - early 90s, when time passed more slowly than now.

    As an excuse, I will say that for the most impatient players, I made it possible to skip the video briefing, or rewind to the desired episode.

    The lack of artistic skill and free time is also said on the icons of the characters - unfortunately, I am unlikely to change anything.

    The release will take place no earlier than 2022 - there is still a LOT of work in the project. There are plans to make 16 missions, now only 4 are ready.

  • Thanks for all the information. I'll try to play through your game and hope that you have the time to finish it. I know it's very difficult to do a project like that in your free time.

    Just out of interest, how many character icons and animations would you need?

  • Just out of interest, how many character icons and animations would you need?

    I can't say for sure, a lot changes during the development process. Approximately three faces per one level, but some characters will be repeated.

    For example, in the 4 location there are icons of 9 characters, on 2 location there are icons of 2 characters.

    You don't need animations as such, it's expensive for develpment.

    I created a system in the form of a composite image - from different parts (eyes, noses, hats, hairstyles and lips, and so on) I can create any number of faces. By moving these parts, a simple animation of the face is created.

    The problem is that I did all the graphic content myself, and if the faces of the characters are done by someone else, they will be out of the general style.

  • Demo-version of REDSIDE is now available in Steam! Download demo, play the game, add to wishlist!


  • Yep! REDSIDE episode 1 will be on Steam Next Fest - Febriary 2022!

    Playable demo here

    Add to wishlist !

  • Hi there!

    My project REDSIDE now available on STEAM

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