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  • Hey everybody !

    I'm currently working not on a game, but on a dialog module, made to be used in different projects.

    While making this, I make a tutorial on how to make such a module, how to think things for multiple uses, and how to implement it.

    The module works with the CSV plugin (only dependance), and let you prepare your content in excel. Implementation in a game is simple as it is made for it.

    The tutorial/module covers for now :

    • simple text output. All the actual display is handled in a function, so it can be used in whatever object you want.
    • multiple types of dialog. For now, speech mode (multiple sentences in order), random speech (randomly selected from a pool you make), multiple choices (3 choices, a cursor and simple input to go from the first to the other, with a callback for each choice)

    The next part will focus on implementation in a game, adding new features, and implementing ideas from the comments on this.

    I want to keep this mod alive and as versatile as possible, for me and others, capx being given and commented.

    That's all for now, no funny pictures in this topic, the mod isn't very graphical, but a live version is up in the tutorial :)

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