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  • Sorry to disappoint I haven't make it yet but I would really like to.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I still have a few challenges to overcome before attempting a turn based tactics game.

  • I think my main problem will be the enemy AI.

    Each unit has action points that it must use to either move or shoot. I have some ideas about to do that within Construct however, I am not sure how I will be able to iterate through the enemy units one by one. I will have to see about making a simple proof of concept soon.

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  • Perhaps posting this in the "how do I..." section might be more useful for you, as you'll have more users that are prepared to answer questions and offer advice there :)

  • Fair enough Brent. I will do that.

  • I finally started on my re-make of Rebelstar. Rebelstar is my all time favourite strategy game from the era of micro PCs. It was the fore-runner of XCOM and Lasersquad.

    So far:

    1. graphics mostly sorted

    2. Solid layers done

    3. Path finding all working.

    4. I have started an initial implementation of the turnbased system. Each unit starts with a certain amount of "time". The actions cost time. I have worked out how I will do the enemy AI, I think it will be good enough to make a challenging game.

    I intend to release the source when it is a bit further along. I will start a thread in the "work in progress" forum.

  • czar

    I remember those, really ahead of their time. I'm assuming this will be single-player, so you could look into creating some grid-based LOS systems using events, for player FOV, grenade area etc.

    Here's a really quickly implemented grid LOS done for a game jam (click on Stealth Chess):

    If you're using a tilemap for the levels, Easystar is a good alternative to the stock pathfinding behavior:

    For proper raycasting in C2 instead of messing with the LOS behavior or fiddling with sprites then the Chipmunk physics behavior is the way to go:

    Let me know if you want some pointers for that one, it can be tricky to figure out.

  • mattb

    CHeers, I will follow up those links.

    My next experiement is implementing the turn sequence and making the enemy make smart moves. I have a few mechanics in mind which will mean the enemy is going to put more resources into responding to significant threats.

  • Thanks for the links The built in pathfinding was starting to do my head in with cutting corners etc - I will check out the easystar alternative.

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