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  • Here's a platformer I'm creating. Not for money or anything, just a project to give me something to do. I've "borrowed" the cat sprite and the music but the rest is all my own work.

    I'm after ideas for variaty in the game. ATM you have to pick up ALL the stars for the exit to open so you can get to the last level. There's only 3 levels atm.

    There's no score, or lives implimented yet either and there are plenty of bug and minor things I want to change / add / take out.

    Left and right cursors to move, space to jump. As I mentioned collect ALL the stars on the level to open the next level (the block with the downwards arrow is the exit, all this will become clear as I add to the game).

    Anyway, let me know what you think and any ideas you might have I could use.


    Oh, one more thing. The name is a play on words (really annoying cat) and the music can be turned off my pressing M (trust me, it's a life saver)).

  • UPDATED - Added the score and time bonus. Bonus counts down from 100 and is added to the score when you complete the level, so the faster you are the more you score.

    Really not happy with the spikes that pop out of the ground so I'm looking for a way to either change how they work or scrap them for something else. Also added a title page which I'll probably change in the future for something better.

    I know this might sound weird but the collision detection is too good for what I want! It's pixel perfect and doesn't allow for any errors. Like I say it sounds weird but I'm looking to make the game a touch more forgiving. Any ideas on how I can achieve this, or, do you think I should leave it as-is?


  • Have you experimented with collide at offset? You might be able to give some leeway with that.

    The spikes are weirdy lookin and acting. There are a number of ways you can show 'do not touch this surface" that doesn't have to be spikes, especially since you aren't doing any death anims. Maybe since the blocks have a lightning symbol on them they are electrified intermittently?

    Beyond that, fun little platformer.

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  • Seems to be fun to play :D

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