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    4 random words: the right recipe for a secure password

    The best way to create a secure and easy to remember password? That's easy: pick 4 random words and put them together, one by one.

    "4 Words Random" shuffles more than half a million words in three different languages: it means 3.9 x 10 ^ 21 combinations, literally more numerous than the stars in the sky. And, as if that were not enough, you can replace letters random, in order to exponentially increase the number of passwords to create.

    • 3 languages (Italian, English, French)
    • More than half a million random words to choose
    • Almost 4 trillion possible combinations
    • Random change of the generated words
    • Function "copy and paste" enabled
    • Lightweight application (it takes up less than 10MB)

    EN: Link Google Play

    4 mots au hasard: le parfait melangie pour un mot de passe sécurisé

    Quel est le meilleur moyen pour créer un mot de passe sécurisé et facile à retenir? C'est simple: utiliser 4 mots au hasard, l'un après l'autre. Il faut les chosir de façon aléatoire.

    "4 mots au hasard" sélectionnes les mots parmi un demi-million de mots en trois langues différentes: c'est à dire 3,9 x 10 ^ 21 combinaisons. Littéralement, il y a plus de combinaisons que d'étoiles dans le ciel. Et comme si cela ne suffisait pas, vous pouvez remplacer les lettres au hasard, en augmentant de façon significative les mots de passe à créer.

    En résumé:

    • 3 langues (italien, anglais, français)
    • Plus d'un demi-million de mots à choisir au hasard
    • Près de 4 billions de combinaisons possibles
    • Changement aléatoire des mots générés
    • Fonction "copier-coller" activée
    • Application légére (ça occupe moins de 10 MB d'espace mémoire)

    FR: Link Google Play

    4 parole a caso: la ricetta giusta per una password sicura

    Qual è il modo migliore per creare una password sicura e facile da ricordare?

    Semplice: usare 4 parole a caso, una dietro l'altra. L'importante è sceglierle in maniera completamente a caso.

    "4 Parole a Caso" pesca da più di mezzo milione di parole in 3 lingue diverse: vuol dire 3.9 x 10^21 combinazioni. Più delle stelle in cielo, letteralmente. E come se non bastasse, si possono sostituire lettere a caso, aumentando a dismisura le password che è possibile creare.


    • 3 lingue disponibili (italiano, inglese, francese)
    • più di mezzo milione di parole tra cui scegliere a caso
    • quasi 4 triliardi di combinazioni possibili
    • modifica random delle parole generate
    • funzione "copia e incolla" abilitata
    • applicazione leggera (occupa meno di 10MB)

    IT: Link Google Play

  • Hi,

    have you created this with Construct 2 ?

  • Hi,

    have you created this with Construct 2 ?


  • Please, please, please can you tell me how to copy text in the clipboard !?

    You use plugin ? Or you execute javascript function with the browser object ?

  • Please, please, please can you tell me how to copy text in the clipboard !?

    You use plugin ? Or you execute javascript function with the browser object ?

    Sorry for my english.

    I use the browser object with this code

    execute javascript "document.getElementById(""TextToCopy"").select();document.execCommand('copy');"[/code:3o5c8sq6]
  • OH thanks a lot

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  • Bug fix and new loading image.

    And, of course, the new Scirra Arcade's version

  • I just tried to upload to godaddy my app: it works

    So, this is the Web Version: Strani Anelli - 4 Random Common Words

    (And, yes, there are more versions of my app rather than users )

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