"Vanishing Floor" made with C2

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  • Howdy!

    Today is an official launch of a game I made with my friends. The game has hit Google and Apple store. In the game your task is to run as further you can without loosing ground under your feet. Be careful, floor is vanishing in front of you! Game is fun, is simple and hard. How far can you run?

    We have been working on it over two months including prototyping, drawing, fixing plugins, making our own plugins for monetize and advertising networks. Yeah, we had a long way to run it smoothly on mobile devices - we've learned a lot. Finally it was wrapped using IntelXDK (with some fixes). Most fun and tragic part is that on iOS it has some critical bug! UI and sometimes player character were vanishing to! Fortunately, we manage to fix - problem was because of wkwebview - we turned it off. Update should be on apple store tomorrow.

    A trailer and links for stores below:


  • Really nice! Cool concept and nice execution.

    What ad networks are you using here? I see that you have rewarded videos, banner/interstitials, and a "more games" dialog, but not sure who the ad providers are.

  • Hey sidneycat,

    that's right, we used rewarded videos for crystals and snail and interstetials for end game ads, and more games ofcourse. We are using chartboost as ad provider. Recently we've done some update with additional donate options, but it's not online yet.

  • Any plans for a web release? Looks great!

  • I like the game art

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  • Excellent concept. The 8bits music style is perfect ! It's as irritating as Flappy Bird. The design is very cool ! Thanks for your job ! And I hope this game could be a succes !

  • Thank You very much,

    yes we plan to release it on kongregate, amazon, facebook and scirra arcade, but We got overloaded with web developement task at the moment :/ For sure let ya know in this thread when its ready

  • nice !

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