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  • Hi everyone !

    I'm creating a thread for the game I made for the forum's competition, "Space Rescue".

    Latest version : Version 1.1.1

    I did a few changes since the competition's deadline, and I mainly based my update on the Kyatric feedback.

    With the version r65 of Construct 2, a problem with the spacebar making the browser window scroll down should be resolved. Well, I hope. ^_^"

    Note : the version submitted for the competition is still the version 1.1.

  • Very neat graphically, the super-slow dust effect when you hit an asteroid is especially adorable.

    As for the rest - it feels a little sterile, small things like minor animation or just a sine movement on the astronaut would liven it up a lot. Also I missed some sort of interaction between bullets and aliens greatly. The slow-motion particles show a great example here, I think... you could have something explode on the aliens and then they could slowly drift out into space while rotating, or something like that. There's great potential here.

    But overall, one of the better entries, keep it up.

  • I've played it for about 1/2h, thats most of all comp games, with others I've spent 5sec - 5min. From all comp entries I like 7 games and this is one of them. Very nice presentation and overall looks like a regular game, from start to finish. Yes, there could be more animations and stuff, but for the given time it still looks nice, and if Somebody hadn't mentioned that, I wouldn't even notice.

  • Thanks a lot for your answers !

    While making the game, I planned to add a "death" animation to the enemies, in a way similar to what you explained, Somebody. But I lacked time and I chose to improve gameplay over graphics.

    However, I didn't thought about the sine movement for the player and I will give it a try. ;)

    I will continue to improve the game, I still have a couple of things in mind to do. Anyway, if you enjoyed playing it, that's the most important. ^^

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  • You know if you simply made the aliens turn a bit transparent and slowly fade while rotating slowly, you could have a pretty convincing death anim without any additional graphics.

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