"One" and "Wobbly-Blocks". My first two complete games.

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  • A few days ago, I finished up on my first two indie games based on Construct 2. Since they were made for a contest (Indie Game Maker Contest 2014), they're both rather small/short. However, they should still be enjoyable.

    Check them out here and, if you like them enough, be sure to give me your vote.

    Wobbly Blocks:

    http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/vie ... 7SYeF75_eJ


    http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/vie ... 7B0V175_eK

    About the games:

    One (aptly named so because it's actually my first completed indie game) is a simple arcade title in which you roll a small red ball (actually a clown nose) around a labyrinth of tiles (some vanishing over time) and light based creatures trying to catch you.

    It's basically my take on classical 80s and 90s arcade titles. I made the conscious choice to keep the graphics themselves simple but have since enhanced the atmosphere through the use of dynamic shadows.

    Roadmap for the future:

    • More levels
    • Better animations
    • Level editor
    • Better collision detection
    • A full blown soundtrack


    Wobbly Blocks is a small polyomino based games. It's similar to Tetris. The goal here, however, is to build rather than destroy. Destroying lines only scores you one measly point, while points for retaining a structure go up with time (anywhere between 10 points every 25 seconds to 1000 every 15 seconds, depending on height).

    Roadmap for the future:

    • More backgrounds
    • Different gameplay modes
    • Squashing bugs
    • A full blown soundtrack

    I actually already have ideas for two additional gameplay modes. The one I call Traditional Mode is very similar to the traditional Russian board game that preceded Tetris, while Adventure Mode is an entirely new and refreshing take on the genre (more on that later. Possibly at the end of July, when I will be able to commit more of my time to development).

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  • not bad!

  • Thanks.

    I'm hard at work fixing regressions and refactoring the codebase for both games.

    After that, I might open source my cleaned up Wobbly-Blocks source tree and start implementing those additional features.

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