"Kluchi" - an exciting puzzle of a completely new type!

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Hello friends! Finally I did it!

    This is a free puzzle of a new type for ios and android - "Kluchi".

    App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1182879708

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geniusgames.kluchi

    Gameplay: https://youtu.be/vVMAdW4-3RU

    I will be grateful for your comments!

    Below is a review that I send out to sites:

    It's easy to play!

    The player's task is to place all the clues in the table at the same time.

    Just move the clues with your finger from the bottom up to the table. When the clue is above the table, move it to the left or right to find a free space. If you see a locking icon on the clue, it means that the place is busy or the key is behind the edge of the table. If there is no locking icon, simply release the clue and it will itself set in the table. If you put all the clues into the table - you solved the task.

    What do all these arrows and equal signs mean? All that you need to know about them: you can invert the "neighbors" clue. It is indicated by a bidirectional arrow, and its first and second elements can be swapped. This affects its location in the table and, accordingly, the solution of the task. The button with the icon of the two arrows and located at the bottom left from the table do this job. Button will only work if there is at least one "neighbors" clue in the field below the table. Swipe keys from the table and use this button if you are stuck.

    In general, the gameplay is to find such a combination of clues locations in the table, so that they all stand up in it. Move the clues along the table to the left and right, swipe already standing clues back, put in their place new, invert the neighbors. This is the magic of pure symbols - the magic of logic!


    "Kluchi" is not just an exciting "killer" of time. "Kluchi" is an interactive version of the most effective at the moment simulator for the brain "Genius Brain". The difference is that in the game "Kluchi" you can move the keys with your finger, but in the "Genius Brain" only in your mind. At the initial levels, "Kluchi" will remind you 2048 or barley-break or light levels of sokoban. However, gradually with each new level you will increasingly feel the need to think. At large levels, "Kluchi" acts as a good simulator for the brain and with regular training effectively develops:

    • analytical thinking;
    • logic thinking;
    • accuracy of thinking;
    • stability of the thinking process
    • short-term and long-term memory;
    • focus of attention;
    • iq;
    • fluid intellect;
    • imagination and creativity.

    If you have solved all the tasks in "Kluchi" and it is not enough for you, feel free to go to the "Genius Brain":

    App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id560072848

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geniusgames.geniusbrain


    The game has a good modern laconic design and only two screens: the main and the menu. At the top of the main screen are the buttons for level transitions. To the left of the table is a row of buttons from top to bottom: "Brain", "Plus" and "Two arrows".

    The first button will take you to the page of the trainer for the brain "Genius Brain", which is written above.

    The "Plus" button starts the purchase of a hint. The hint selects a random key, and puts it correctly in the table. What does it mean correctly? The fact is that each task in the game "Kluchi" has only one solution, and each key has only one position in the table corresponding to this solution. It is in this position that the hint puts the clue. The clue transferred to the table becomes semi-transparent, and it can no longer be moved. Also, the clue, set by the hint, can return clues from the table that are located incorrectly. A hint helps solve the task, but it is optional.

    The "Two arrows" button simultaneously turns all keys of the "neighbors" type, which are below the table. Its action does not affect the keys already set in the table. If you need to invert the "neighbors" in the table, swipe them, invert and put again.

    To the right of the table from top to bottom are the buttons "Menu", "Reset", "Back". The first opens the menu screen. The second returns from the table all the clues placed there. The third one returns from the table the last clue you moved.

    In the menu you can see your rating, restore your purchases, select a level, and use the arrows to change the current set of tasks. Advertising can also be disabled on the menu page using a button with a crossed out inscription "AD".

    After you have solved the task, below the table appears the value of your rating, 4 buttons that give the opportunity to share and to rate game, and the button to go to the next level.

    In-App purchases

    The game has only two in-app purchases: hint and disable advertising.


    So, you got acquainted with the game "Kluchi". This is really a new type of puzzle. Among the popular you will not find one. Something like it is 2048, spots or sokoban, but they are not. Every day application stores are replenished with countless clones of the same known types of puzzles. "Kluchi" does not have the slightest relation to this. This is a new type, a new kind of puzzle, new tasks, a new algorithm, a new essence. It's a breath of fresh air. Just for the sake of this one should try "Kluchi".

    In "Kluchi" it is really interesting and easy to play. You can do everything with one finger, although it is more convenient to connect a second hand sometimes. The clues mechanics are self-evident, but for some players the clue with a bidirectional arrow caused difficulty. Just do not forget that you can invert it when it's not in the table. Also use the back button if you went wrong.

    "Kluchi" really trains the brain. It is based on the tasks of an effective trainer for the brain "Genius Brain", and at higher levels your brain will certainly work to its fullest.

    A small easy, but with a deep essence game "Kluchi" pretends to become a new hit, and also bring not only the joy of the game, but the benefit of a huge number of people.

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