"Intern" - A Game Where You Build a Game

  • My first game ever made. Thanks, Construct 2!

    Newgrounds: newgrounds.com/portal/view/631174

    Kongregate: kongregate.com/games/CanadaGDP/intern

    You are an intern working for a company making a video game. The thing is, the game that you're helping to make is the one that you're playing.

    "Intern" was filmed in front of a live studio audience.

    Also, I don't own all the things in this game, but I have permission for them. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to say something like that.

    Please leave lots of feedback and link this game to your friends. Unless you think this game is awful, in which case CanadaGDP certainly did not make it, and you should link it to your enemies.

    Anyways, here's links to my studio's Facebook and Twitter. Come say hi sometime.

    FB: facebook.com/canadagdpthings

    Twitter: twitter.com/CanadaGDP

  • GDP

    I actually find this entertaining. It definitely needs art though but besides that its a great narrative that allows you to grasp how its like to be an intern. Nice job with the dialogue, especially the keyboard part of the story, which I found rather unique. Keep at it mate

    Just wondering,

    is this based on your personal experience?

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  • No, haha, thankfully it's not based off of personal experience. However, I am graduating this year with my bachelors in business, so I guess I'm a little familiar with the environment.

    Have you been an intern before? You seem to be familiar with the woes of the role.

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