A quick "Flappy Bird" clone (55 events; +.capx).

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  • I've made a basic clone of the popular Android game, Flappy Bird, in 55 events.

    Do whatever you want with it, i just wanted to see if i could make something like the game in a small amount of time and to check if it would run at a reasonable framerate on my HTC Wildfire, by using the PhoneGap export option.


    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80437109/FLAPPY-CLONE/forum/01.jpg" border="0">

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80437109/FLAPPY-CLONE/forum/02.jpg" border="0">

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80437109/FLAPPY-CLONE/forum/03.jpg" border="0">


    HTML5 website (test online)

    //basic graphics

    //smoothed graphics

    Android .apk (test on your Android, PhoneGap was used)

    //no sound

    //with sound


    //commented .capx

    More information:


    -a scrolling parallax background, that is mirrored (endless loop)

    -the best score is shown in the menu with webstorage

    -obstacles created in randomized positions

    -obstacles have separate collision maps, for adjustment purposes

    -simple touch controls, some visual features (animated character, angle changes based on vertical velocity)

    -multiple game states without having to reload the layout

    -sounds for different in-game events


    -if the game lags when loading the sounds into the memory, it is likely that 2 obstacles will be spawned, thus blocking the path. this is likely to happen only on weak hardware, though.


    -to improve the framerate further, you could try to run the game without any rescaling, in the native 320x240 resolution (this was made for a phone after all), with the sounds turned off


    just a quick prototype, might need some tweaking to become playable, perhaps an increase in the speed at which the game is played. use it for whatever you want.

  • Not open in my construct2 =/

  • Add ads and you got yourself $50,000 a day, lol.

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  • Stiivais, thank you for sharing! The CAPX was able to run for me.

  • Add ads and you got yourself $50,000 a day, lol.

    I have to admit, that i still feel surprised about how many downloads that game had on Play Store. It makes me wonder, why didn't anyone think of a concept this simple before? :D

  • Yeah, the download amounts are insane. Basically, it has snowballed due to all the free press from CNN, Yahoo, and gaming websites that are playing up the "mysterious developer" angle and all the strange drama revolving around its popularity.

    ...also, why couldn't this be me???

  • Oh, great, the developer decided to take the game down because of all the publicity it's getting, as he can't handle it any longer. >_>


    inb4 all of the clones start surfacing (remember, you can use the .capx for anything :D).

  • Is the jerky scrolling intentional? Maybe the original behaves also this way, didn't care to check.

    But I did check your events and saw that you did Every x seconds -> sprite.X + N

    That's very bad practice, unless you really want this kind of not smooth movement. You should use delta time for moving an object constantly.

    Every tick -> sprite.X + N * dt

  • PixelRebirth It's intentional and the original didn't have this. I made it so to have a more consistent framerate (at the expense of less smoother movement), because my phone, for which i intended to make the game, doesn't have a dedicated graphics chip and therefore renders everything by using the CPU, which is slow. If i had used the dt method, then more rendering would be done, as sprites would be moved every tick. Either way, your expertise is appreciated.

  • LOL!!!! Nice.. Yeah the clones are just insane now. Speaking of which I'm gonna release something today that's sorta similar to Flappy Bird, but it's doesn't involve going through pipes and stuff. You would think Nintendo would take action on the pipes.

  • Well done, you managed to make a clone that's even more aggravating than the original lol.

    Just kidding, though collisions seems off and sometimes 2 obstacles spawn next to each other, even on my PC... Nice work though :D

  • I'm curious to see if someone would actually clone this and upload it to the app store. Since the original is down, people need their pipe dodging fix.

  • Well, i won't mind if anyone does (as i said, anyone can do whatever they desire with it). I, on the other hand, most certainly won't do it because of... hmm, reasons? Yes, that sounds about right.

  • Ah.. I kinda expecting that someone here had made this one, but it does not look like been made with C2 .


  • Joannak

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/1d7roJG.jpg" border="0" />

    Although i have to say the the speed seems off, it's a pretty good clone! :D

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